Visual Diary: Cellar Door #1


I’ve started my new photography job and my first assignment: Cellar Door!! Cellar Door is planning on hitting the road and trying their events in other areas. They’ve had enormous success with Club Ice and this year their also heading the Merthyr for a night of techno and house but before that their coming to the Diff and guess who was documenting the revelry; me!!





The music was going full blast and everyone was having the time of their lives, including myself. 3 hours was my time and I managed to get a good 100 images of the night and everyone who joined in.

By half past midnight my lens kept fogging to I retreated to the chair which proved a popular photography area for me. Everyone wanted a photo in that infamous chair!!







For my first event photography job in a while it went well. It went brilliantly well. I got to talk with some of the DJ’s who were all incredibly friendly. After my shift was done I infiltrated some guys birthday party and had one hell of a night.













I partied until 5 a.m with no regrets the next day. There were a few familiar faces and I found it slightly strange at first being in this event completely sober, because usually, I am not.

















I had an absolute blast! This is the dream job for my late twenties. Snapping and raving. i cannot ask for anything more!! The crowd were amazing and their continued support of Cellar Door is very much appreciated!!




































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