If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day…

Look in mirror and tell yourself;


Buy Your Own Chocolate
You don’t need someone to buy your chocolate for you!! Just buy that Cadbury milk tray and pig out!!! Not a sweet person? Then just cook yourself a romantic meal, from scratch, you’ll enjoy it soo much more!!


Drink a Whole Bottle to Yourself
Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka, you do you!! You don’t need some ‘love of your life’ to enjoy a bottle of alcohol, instead drink a load with all your single friends and ugly cry/laugh to Bridget Jones.


Wish Your Friends a Happy Valentine’s Day
Boyfriend/Girlfriend < your squad. Isn’t this always the way? Who would you be happier to see walking through your door as a surprise visit your other half or your best friend? Your best friend, exactly. So tell them how much you love them buy wishing them a Happy Valentine Day!


Pick fights with random couples on the street and tell them their relationships are absolute shams!!
I’m kidding. Don’t do this.

Slap Your Own Ass
Did I stutter?


Love yourself!! Slap that ass!! It’s not going to slap itself now is it?!

Remember girls (and some boys out there):  Be our own daddy. Make your own sugar!!


If you’re feeling self destructive….. sneak some rum into the cinema and watch a sad film. Cineworld will be showing 50 Shades Freed at 8 p.m. I’m 110% positive it’ll make you want to cry.


All joking aside, if you are upset that your not spending Valentine’s Day with someone, don’t be. Honestly there is soo much more to life than being with someone who may or may not be temporary. It’s just one day and it means squat!! You have your family, your friends, hopefully your dream career and enough money so that you can have fun and travel and do all the cool stuff that you’ve always wanted to do, that’s all you need. Do you want someone like another half holding you back, unless your one of the lucky ones whose other half will support and help your dreams (and vice-versa). No? Didn’t think so. You do you and you enjoy tomorrow!!