Private Playlist #4 – Happy Valentine’s

On Valentine’s Day I’ll assume you will get some flowers, a breakfast in bed and some of you will have a wild night with your spouse. Since today is such a special occasion I’ve tried to combine the ULTIMATE private playlist!! It’ll feature some of my favourites which you may have already heard and some new ones to boot!! I hope you enjoy!

Okay – Chase Atlantic
This was a random find on Spotify and I absolutely love it!! I’ve been practicing some pole routines to this song!! It has such a nice flow to it which will sure make great background noise. It’ll give you that extra spark of confidence!!

Kiss – Prince
I wouldn’t usually put this in one of my private playlists, however, it’s Valentine’s Day and I cannot be too snooty with my choices. This song will work for a lot of you and some of you might be able to make it work. Not really my cup of tea to be honest.

You Can Keep Your Hat On – Tom Jones
I found this song from the British classic ‘The Full Monty’ so I already know you can do a striptease. It’s the trumpet that really gives this song some edge. All if your stumped with what sort of performance you want to deliver there are instructions in the lyrics to guide you.

Stereophonics – You Sexy Thing
The original is obviously amazing, but I am a sucker for a thick welsh accent. I love Stereophonics and I didn’t realise how much I needed this cover until I received it. His voice is soo gruff and perfect!!

(unfortunately there is no video online)

Jealous Girl – Lana Del Rey
I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t go weak at the knees for Lana Del Rey’s voice. It’s gorgeous and in Jealous Girl her voice is soo sultry you’ll just melt. It’s a belter of a tune and I highly recommend it!!

Be My Daddy – Lana Del Rey
The title says everything.

Ione – Treasure 
A proper summer belter that’ll make you want to sway alone, or dance with your partner like no ones watching! I highly recommend this song!!

Johnny Rain – Head
This is a slow down remix of Prince’s Erotic City with some original music. The song is completely hyper-sexual and completely perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!

Hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day!!