Valentine’s Day Vacation Ideas

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a surprise romantic trip abroad. The dream would be to travel to a romantic destination on Valentine’s Day (PIPE DREAMS) but finding that perfect getaway can be quite tricky, so if you are slightly stumped on where to take the lovely lady/bloke here are some of the romantic cities in the world that’ll surely make her heart swoon!!


Paris, France
“Paris, the city of lovers is glowing this evening” Ahhh Paris!! The city where you can pop chamagne under the Eiffel Tower and head to the Moulin Rouge for a shot of absinthe, Paris to this day is still considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Make sure to taste their beautiful cheese!! Bliss!

Florence edit-xlarge

Florence, Italy
Florence is drowning in culture and history and the perfect romantic place to go exploring with your loved. Let’s be honest, anywhere in Italy is going to be perfect for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Italy is just a romantic city in itself so if Florence isn’t your cup of tea there is also Sorrento, Scilly, Rome and many other places for you to visit in this beautiful country.


Venice, Italy
Even though it’s swamped with tourists, Venice is still a must-visit place for lovers. You can take your loved one on a Gondola ride. Imagine: sitting in the Gondola ride, drinking champagne, and floating underneath Venice’s stunning bridges. Find a nice quaint cafe for a romantic meal too, there are tons of places to choose from.


Santorini, Greece
Santorini has been described by some as the crowning jewel of romance in Europe – it’s a beautiful beautiful city!! Everything is white and minimal and Instagram friendly, but of course your going with your loved one, not for your instagram feed! One of my favourite bloggers headed to Santorini last year, so if your interested here is her blog post on her trip!


Dubrovnik, Croatia
I’ve been to Dubrovnik and I can honestly say it’s one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been too, and it’s the only place I know that does Pineapple ice cream!! It has a closed quarters feel to it which gives it that cozy ‘no-one but us’ vibe which is exactly what you want for a romantic getaway!!


Kyoto, Japan
Don’t tell anyone but a dream of mine is to be proposed in one of Japan’s romantic city while cherry blossoms fall around me (PIPE DREAMS!!). Kyoto is home to breathtaking parks, quaint tea houses and amazing historical architecture and locations. A perfect place to stroll hand-in-hand with your special someone.

What’s YOUR perfect romantic getaway? Sound off below!!