Private Playlist #3

The first private playlist of 2018 and I have found some belters for you!! We have something to suit everyone and I hope you love them as much as I do. I have a lot of songs here for the ladies, mostly ones that’ll give you that extra spark of fierce before a night out. If you know of any songs you think i should listen too please leave a comment below. I’m always searching for new music!!

Summertime – The Zombies
This is one of my favourite songs of all time. I love finding new covers of this song and I’m never disappointed by any of them. This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite covers I’ve found thus far (there 25,000 covers of this song alone). His voice is soothing and perfect, especially if you just want to chill, with the mood for nothing too heavy.

MIC Drop – BTS (Steve Aoki remix)
I’m already envisioning a pole routine for this belter. Granted the lyrics make no sense whatsoever, but you cannot deny that this is one hell of a belter. The dancing is also phenomenal but I wouldn’t expect less from BTS. They’re music keeps getting better and I’m soo impressed with them finally making their mark in America.

Swimming Pools – Lloyd
This song is perfect for twerking and to perform a ‘special routine’ for that special someone (not that I’ve put this into practice, honestly I haven’t)! I found this song on Yo Landi’s instagram (Die Antwoord singer). She used it as one of her songs for ‘Twerking Tuesday’s’. Smooth, yet a a nice pace. Give it a listen you will not regret it!

Sunny – Boogie Pimps
I am in love with this remix as well as the video. I couldn’t stop listening to this before getting ready for my roller disco night with the pole girls back in September. The expectation in my head was that I would at least have the same amount of sex appeal as these girls in the video. That was not the case at all. I looked liked Bambi trying to learn how to walk.

Tip Toe – PARRI$
I found this song purely by chance. Her voice is soo gorgeous and it’s drowning in confidence. The song will make you feel feisty and full of confidence. I usually play it before a night out to give me that extra dose of fierceness. It works too. Perfect for that pre-drink playlist.

Tip Toe – Jason Derulo ft French Montana
Again, this is another song that I’m desperate to create a pole routine too. I’ve seen a few people performing dance routines to this particular banger online and it really puts me in the mood to create something myself. Maybe it’ll encourage you to perform for that special person, or for yourself!!

Kris Wu – Deserve
I posted this on my last Private Playlist but that was sooo long ago and many new faces have started following me so I thought I may as well add it again. I’m still completely in love with song!! It’s mellow and it sets the mood perfectly. This may not make you grind on your partner, but it’s definitely a smooth, slow, take-your-time song to play in the background.


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