19 Days: Day 227 Recap

Screen shot 2018-01-20 at 20.13.35

19 Days is back again and in the last chapter we saw Mo Guanshan give He Tian an early birthday/christmas/valentine’s gift (spoiler: it’s a accidental dick pic). The last few chapters of 19 Days have been really cute, funny and full of fluff and the fandom has been enjoying it immensely. So what shall we expect this time? An embarrassed Mo Guanshan? Is He Tian showing the boys his new favourite image? Will She Li finnally make another appearance?! Let’s find out…

The chapter begins with Jian Yi and Zhang doing their homework. Both are strruggling so they decide to cheat. Zhang’s little sister comes in wanting to hang out with her brother who receives a text from Jian Yi…

Screen shot 2018-01-20 at 20.13.42

The little sister is annoying. There, I said it so you didn’t have to. Her attachment to Zhang is borderline…weird. Do people get that attached to their siblings (please tell me as I wouldn’t know).

This chapter was okay. I’ve enjoyed other chapters a lot more than this one. Don’t get me wrong it is a cute chapter but at the same time it just fell flat with me. Unfortunately you cannot like all the chapters and the fluffy game has been soo strong lately in the last few chapters of 19 Days, maybe it’s getting a bit…samey, dare I say?

I might regret saying this but… I’m in need of some angst! I want a massive gangster-style plot or some character development that occurs because one of them doesn’t understand their feelings. I want a cliffhanger. I want to feel excited about the upcoming chapters!!

Next Chapter: Either it’s a continuation of Guanshan and Tian’s little story, a continuation of Zhang and Jian Yi’s story or it’ll be the next school day. Maybe we’ll have a plot twist or something in the next chapter. Fingers crossed!!

You can read 19 Days here

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