Visual Diary: The Full Moon & Minsky’s

The January blues hit me really hard last week. I found myself in a heap on the bed, crying, sniffling, feeling completely and utterly sorry for myself. I had no reason to be but alas there I was, feeling lonely, sad and miserable.

Luckily for me my housemate heard my wailing to came to my aid. She took me out on the Friday night to The Moon to a free gig. Throughout January The Moon are holding free gigs every night and I’m quite tempted to go down there most nights to have a look whose playing. I know Mike Dennis is playing there on January 19th and I definitely want to see him!!

The performers we saw included John Mouse, Quiet Marauder (who I missed as I was having a conversation with my manager) and Buzzard who were IN-CRED-IBLE!!! Their stage presence was electric and they oozed soo much confidence. Also the lead singer was quite beautiful to look at. He pulled some Mick Jagger moves which made a few of us girls swoon. They’ll be playing in The Moon again in February so next time I’ll take my proper camera and get some nice photos for you all.

Whilst I was there I bumped into Rachel and Holly. All three of us were really really good friends back in secondary school and I haven’t really seen them properly in 8-10 years. We had an amazing catch up and it was as if we never parted ways. We decided that night that we’ll head to Minsky’s on a Saturday.

Minsky’s is a drag bar situated in the heart of Cardiff and it’s always a good night. Sometimes I find with the drag acts in Cardiff is that they focus more on being insulting for the sake of being insulting but this saturday they were really really funny. We had an absolute ball!! We danced the Macarena and sang along to all our old favourites!!

On the sunday, whilst nursing a hangover of epic proportions, I came to the realisation that maybe, just maybe, clubbing is not for me anymore. Raves are fine, events are fine too but clubbing, maybe not anymore. Minsky’s being the exception of course.

I had a such a good night and it was lovely to catch up with Holly and Rachel again!! To more nights out in the future!!

Please excuse myself and video quality. I couldn’t stand still. I was drunk.


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