Festivals I Want to Attend in 2018

I’ve caught the Festival bug really bad and I’ve been scouring the entire internet looking for the creme de la creme of festivals which are near and within my price range. All the festivals I’ve found take place on weekends and last 3/4 days which is plenty of time. if any of you know of any more good festivals please let me know!! I want to experience as many as I can in my twenties!!

Lost Village
As you all now I went to Lost Village last August and ended up having the best weekend of my life. If you’ve never done a Festival before I do recommend this one. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is electric and of course the music is top notch!! It is more than just a festival though, it’s an experience and everyone who went had not one complaint about it. Even the toilets were second-to-none!! I honestly cannot wait to go back!!

El Dorado
El Dorado is another festival that is definitely on the cards for me!! It looks quite similar to Lost Village in terms of music and overall appearance and most of my friends who went there last year had one hell of a time!! It’s only on for the weekend which is just enough for me. I would love to do a Festival for a whole week but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it…yet.

Love Saves the Day Festival, 2018
I have no idea what this festival is (I cannot remember booking it) but I’m very excited to go!! I haven’t looked into it at all and I’m not going to either. I want to be surprised!!! I think it’s just on for one day so it’ll be a cheap day out.

Fusion Festival, Berlin
I’ve registered for tickets with Catrin and hopefully we’ll win some otherwise we’ll just buy and go anyway. I don’t know much about Fusion Festival but according to Catrin, it’s absolutely crazy!!! I already have my outfits planned for this trip!!!


Tokyo World
The best thing about Tokyo World is that is being held in Bristol so it’s only an hours drive AND I can stay in a hotel and not on hard ground!! Winner Winner!! The after-party is also being held in Motion which is where I went for my first rave of 2018. I’m not quite sure who the line-up is so I’ll keep you posted.

Okay this is more of a pipe dream than anything else because there is a fat chance that I’ll be able to afford Tomorrowland, let alone get the time off work!  If you have to admit though…it looks absolutely f****ing epic!! It even has it’s own goddamn plane!! A friend of mine went there ages ago and she loved it there!!

Green Man Festival
Green Man is a mixture of all different types of music so there’ll be a lot more variety in what you hear. It’s also a mixture of all ages who attend and my friend goes there every year!! I’m tempted to ask my parents to join me on this festival!! I think it’ll be great!! Dad has always wanted to camp, now he can!!

Time Warp De
Okay when I first heard of this festival I thought “OOOH Rocky Horror!!” but this isn’t the case. At all. However it looks like a great Festival, albeit bonkers!!! The tickets are incredibly cheap (69 Euros) and it takes place in Germany!! I’m definitely visiting Germany this year on my holidays and this would be amazing to do while I’m out there!!



2 thoughts on “Festivals I Want to Attend in 2018

  1. I really liked reading this! Some great festivals that I’ve heard amazing reviews from! I just posted a feature about Fusion 2018 (UK) with some of the best artists and the perfect opportunity for photo’s if you’re interested in having a read? Let me know what you think. x

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