Visual Diary: Cardiff in Winter

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The plan was to blog every day during the Christmas period, however personal problems arose (cough, The Bukowski Phase, cough) and instead of blogging we decided to wallow in self pity and feel absolutely sorry for ourselves. However even though we’re not feeling completely better (our confidence is no more, R.I.P) we can’t just wallow. Life goes on and so will this blog. Articles are not going to write themselves!!


Cardiff is just like any other city during the winter time. If it’s raining with grey skies it’s a miserable city to live in but when the sky is crystal blue and sun is shining, even if the weather freezes your fingers off, you feel a lot happier and town is usual buzzing with a positive, electric atmosphere.


Winter Wonderland is/was a must for anyone living in the city. I, personally do not care for it as I’m not a big fan of ice skating. I attempted it once when I was a child (a very tall, fat child) and I can honestly say I will never ever attempt it again. Falling on solid ice is not my idea of a good time. However there are plenty of fairground games to be had as well as a Funhouse which is constantly busy.


I didn’t take any images of the Winter Wonderland in the night time but I did get some nice sunny shots when my parents were down.

Another great thing about Cardiff at Christmas time is the Cardiff Christmas stalls. It’s a great chance for small welsh businesses to come and showcase their products. You get the usual people but this year there were many more sheds/stalls from brands and companies created by people my own age. Maybe next year I can rent a stall and sell some of my products during the Christmas period….

Christmas in Cardiff was great this year. It’s such a shame that I let my feelings and personal problems get in the way of such a beautiful time of year.







3 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Cardiff in Winter

    1. ooh I didn’t have a cough, I had a bit of a confidence setback and I started to feel as if I wasn’t good enough, my health was fine over the Christmas period but my confidence in my appearance and my overall worth had taken a hit xx

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      1. I have gone through that too. Especially now. I have fibromyalgia and its hard to live with. I go through boughts of feeling worthless as I am not able to do what I was able to do before, like taking care of others(CNA). I have found though through writing and knowing others go through same emotions keeps me on my toes.


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