Visual Diary: Elrow at Motion

Nothing like starting the year off with a big massive rave and Elrow did not disappoint!! I booked my tickets to Elrow months ago and I was soo excited to attend!! I’ve never been to Elrow before and this was going to be my biggest rave yet!! Will I survive?! Will I remember it!? What should I expect?! So many questions were running through my mind as we made our way over the Severn Bridge and towards Bristol. I was incredibly incredibly excited!! First rave of the year!! Crossing my fingers it lived up to the hype.

The Outfit
For Elrow I donned some sports trousers from Urban Outfitters along with my black crop top from Topshop. On my feet I wore my usual boots (which are now completely stinking along with some fishnets. The trousers were too long on the bottom and got completely wrecked. I also didn’t look that particularly great in my outfit. My hair was waay to short to make this look work. I’m going to have to start growing it soon.

By looking at the image above I can safely say I definitely need to lose weight. My body shape did not suit the overall look so I need to start fixing that post haste!

The Acts 
There were any incredible acts taking their turns on the decks of Motion including Groove Armada which got the crowd going!! Other acts include Butch Queen, Eats Everything and many more!! Bitch Please! also had their own section and we had a right good ol’ dance in that area.

There were four areas all together which included two big rooms as well as where Bitch Please held their little section and also The Cave where some of the boys from Shangri-La and Control Events were spinning their tunes. Unfortunately I missed their set but I’m determined to see them in action soon!!

Elrow was on another level!!! Motion Bristol was also on another level. I love attending The Vaults in Cardiff but this was something else!! They had actors and inflatables and everything else that you would want!! The crowd was amazing and atmosphere was electric!! There was one boy who was causing a bit of trouble but he was escorted out of the building immediately. You will never find a nicer group of people than those who attend raves. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go clubbing again.

What a brilliant way to start the year!! I can’t wait to go back to Motion soon!!