Visual Diary: Roller Disco at Depot

On Dec 21st the Pole Girls and I decided to get our skates on and headed to the Roller Disco taking place in Depot, Cardiff. I haven’t been rollerblading since I was nine years old and I remember being astoundingly shit at it! I was excited but I was already picturing my falls and the fatalities I would surely inflict on those around me.

My Outfit
The aim was to go full on Boogie Nights with mini shorts, crop-top, and knee high socks . I envisioned myself looking like Rollergirl. The reality was that I looked nothing like Rollegirl and I ended up looking like Pebbles from The Flintones after a hard day. Everyone else had made an effort because they were all planning on going out later. Apparently this was the plan all along (note-to-self: listen when people talk to you).

Roller Disco
When I didn’t fall so that a plus but I did crash into a load of people!! I was covered in bruises a few days afterwards but it was sooo worth it!! Any time there is a roller disco on in Cardiff I am there!!! I had soo much fun and once you get the hang of it, its actually quite easy, but you do need to get the balance right!! The DJ was blasting the best of 80s soul and funk while all of us circulated around our tiny little disco floor.

Coyote Ugly
In Cardiff we are proud to have our own Coyote Ugly. Even though the place itself is beautiful and the bar waitresses are lovely, it does attract the most disgusting, the most rancid men you could ever possibly meet. As soon as we enter we’re hounded with gross comments and seedy behaviour, but like most monkey/male hybrids two of them decided to get into a fight over a girl (which we all found to be utterly amusing and hilarious) and swiftly exited the building.

The Mechanical Bull
With the monkey’s gone everyone seemed slightly more relaxed and we all decided to have a go on the mechanical bull. Fran managed to stay on for 43 seconds whilst I managed 22 (the bull doesn’t speed up until the 20sec mark. Yeah I was crap). It was soo much fun though!!

This was such a fun night and I cannot wait to have more nights out with the girls throughout 2018.


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