Adventures and Travel Plans for 2018


Lost Village 2018
I bought my ticket months ago and I cannot wait to go back!! Lost Village was an incredible experience and I’m soo excited to re-live it all over again!!! Hopefully by then I’ll know how to pitch a tent properly. We’re going to do all four days next time since we missed the first night. We know better now.


Love Saves the Day Festival, 2018
I have no idea what this festival is (I cannot remember booking it) but I’m very excited to go!! I haven’t looked into it at all and I’m not going to either. I want to be surprised!!! I think it’s just on for one day so it’ll be a cheap day out.


Fusion Festival, Berlin
I’ve registered for tickets with Catrin and hopefully we’ll win some otherwise we’ll just buy and go anyway. I don’t know much about Fusion Festival but according to Catrin, it’s absolutely crazy!!! I already have my outfits planned for this trip!!!

Fetish Club Crawl, Berlin
Even if we don’t end up going to the Fusion Festival, Catrin and I are still heading to Berlin for 3 nights and we’re hoping to visit Fetish Clubs during our stay. I’ve never been to a Fetish Club before so I’m excited for this experience!! Cat used to live in Berlin so she knows all the hot spots.


Glitterbox, Ibiza
For my birthday I’ll be heading to Ibiza for the weekend to attend Glitterbox. I loved ibiza so I can’t wait to go back and I’ve never been to Glitterbox so this will be another new experience for me!! I’m soo excited for my 27th!!

Singapore lead-xlarge

My friend Alex lives in Singapore so visiting him is a must for 2017. The flight will be the most expensive thing which I can easily save for. Singapore looks absolutely beautiful and if Im there long enough we could easily do a flight to Tokyo!!

There are many other things I want to do this year but I should save you a few surprises!!


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