2018 Goals

I am one of those people that will set themselves countless of goals for the new year. In the past two years I’ve been on the ball and have managed to keep most of them!! I find resolutions help me soo much sometimes and for 2018 I definitely need to set some ground rules for myself. I have soo many plans for next year that we have to very strict with ourselves Here are some of my plans for next year;


Get the Career Going
I want to start my business next year. Hopefully I’ll have some products to show you!! I want to be part time in work and part time selling my photography. I don’t want my degree to have gone to waste. I will also focus on the blogging more too. I will get in contact with businessses and companies, no use waiting for them to come to me. I might be waiting forever.


Take More Risks
I want to embrace 2018 without shame and pursue it for more adventure. I want to take more risks and live the life to fullest. More yes than no. More ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’. I’ve definitely been more adventurous this year, I need to carry through to next year.


Hustle, Save, Hustle
I have so so soooooooooo many travel and festival plans next year that saving is something I will definitely have to do. No more takeaway’s, no more toys, sell some clothes and toys, more photography jobs, sell photography!!! HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!!


Focus On Me
This is an important one for me after this year. I need to think more for myself than of others. I need to sort my own life out before others and before letting anyone in. I’m doing me next year.


Join a Camera Club
This again, is important, especially for my career. I really want to take fashion photography again and I want to create projects with other creatives but it’s been such a long time since I’ve done a fashion shoot before I think I will have to learn the basics again. Finding the right camera club is going to be tricky though.


Have My Work Exhibited
I’ve already e-mailed a few clubs in Berlin and next year I’m going to e-mail as many around the UK and Europe as I can. Even if it’s just one piece of my work in one gallery. That’ll be enough of an accomplishment for me.

Screen shot 2017-12-13 at 22.35.00

Travel More
I will go into this fully in my next post but travelling has to be done and I will definitely make it happen!!!


Learn to Cook
I need to accept the fact that Weeatbix with peanut butter is not a recipe and I need to learn to cook proper meals!! I’m 26 goddamn it I should know how to cook chicken properly by now!!!

Screen shot 2017-12-13 at 22.36.19

Focus More on Rogues Portal
Rogues Portal gave me some career highlights in 2017 and I hope for more in 2018!!! I will so hard for the website next year and provide them with more quality content.


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