2017 – A Reflection

2017 was a roller coaster of a year!! We had some major highs and some major lows. Even though our career is…well not existent we did try our best which hopefully will continue next year.

Even though 2017 was great to some extent we’re glad to see the back of it. Personally we’re hoping 2018 will be our year amd we’re going to work more on ourself and becoming a more successful person.

Here are some highlights of 2017 for me;

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My First Rave
This year I experienced my first ever rave and it became a life changing experience for me. The first one I went to was in last April and I’ve been to at least 6/7 since then!! Hell I’m starting 2018 in a rave!! I’m already planning next years and I honestly cannot wait!! I’ve met some amazing people along the way and gained a few rave buddies to boot!! They make each rave a tiny bit better. I don’t have a picture of my first rave. For good reasons.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger london with cat

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger london with cat

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger london with cat

Pinewood Studios
I was given the chance to visit Pinewood Studios in London for my first ever Press Conference. We were given a sneak peek of the game ‘Get Out’ and it was soo much fun!! I got to take my best friend with me and we had such an amazing time!! We met two really lovely boys whom I’ve stayed in contact with ever since!!!

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger retro fest cardiff

3rd Home with Katrin
Katrin and I celebrated three years of living together and this year we got our little two bedroom flat!! We’re extending our stay to next year now because we love living here. Next year Katrin might possibly be moving in with her beau so I’ll have to find a new house buddy. I don’t want to think about it.

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I got to visit London soo many times this year. I got to have a nice getaway with Dan, Pinewood, and I got to go to Comic Con with Jenni. We also visited Tonight Josephine which really made me want to find more unique bars and clubs in the UK capital.


Became Single…Gained a Mistress
Even though we became single again (we will not be discussing this) we did meet Carol Cross who would become our virtual mistress. I met Carol through a mutual friend. I asked her about comics that depict BDSM and now she’s my favourite human being. She’s very patient with me and has given me soo much advice!! I do refer to her as my mistress even though it has been official. She’s helping me with my craft and I will be forever grateful.


Pole Dancing
This has been a New Years Resolution of mine for 2 years and I finally did it!!! I love it sooo much and I’ve made some amazing friends along the way! Currently I’m on level 3 and I want to continue it into next year. It’s so much fun and it’s such good exercise!! I’ve already started a routine which you can view on my personal Instagram: Rhidixonblog.


Iris Film Festival
Another amazing experience courtesy of Rogues Portal. Iris Film Festival was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to go again next year!! For nearly a week I got to meet amazing filmmakers and producers and again, ended up making amazing new friends. For nearly a week I got watch tons of short films and I got to see Beach Rats which was amazing!!!

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Lost Village
Lost Village was the first festival I have ever been to and even though I was completely nervous (I’ve never camped, put up a tent, I’ve literally been a princess most of my life) it ended up being the best weekend of my life!! The music was phenomenal, the people were friendly, the sets were beast!!! As soon as we got home we bought our tickets for next year. I’ve also developed a taste for festivals too and next year I’ve already got two in the pipeline and I’m looking into going to another three. Festival season next year is going to be lit!!

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger Japan Tokyo



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Of course I had to leave this for last. It feels like it was all a dream now, but it wasn’t. For my 26 birthday, I lived out my dream and I went to Tokyo. I’ve been talking about going there since I was 18 years old and I got to spend my birthday there!! With my father!!! I got him in bunny ears!!!! Even though it might not be on the cards next year Tokyo is a definite priority again for 2019!!! It was the most amazing moment of my life. I lived out my dream and I’m incredibly lucky!!!

All in all, this year was magic and I shouldn’t let negative experiences cloud it!! 2017 was the year of new findings and new friends. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next year!!


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