Private Playlist: Christmas Edition!!!

Since these are proving to be popular posts I’ve decided to bring you another private playlist however I’ve made it in-keeping with the festive season. The songs you’re about to hear all deserve to be on the naughty list and will bring you some heat during the cold winter months. These songs may not exactly get you in the mood, they will get you dancing, and will be great add to many Holiday playlists.

I’m going to be honest with you and say I had to search for music for this post as I’m not a huge Christmas song fan. I have only two favourite christmas songs and shockingly to you, neither of them are ‘All I want for Christmas’. I enjoyed writing this post as I got to find some amazing new songs which I believe are ten times better than the festive crap we have to hear every holiday.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. If you have any music you think I should add please tell me!!

Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa
This song has a great soul tune with explicit sexual innuendos. Lyrics include;

They call me the Back Door Santa
I make my runs about the break of day
I make all the little girls happy
While the boys are out to play.

I don’t understand why I’ve never heard this song before and I’m soo glad I found it. I’m also a massive sucker for swing style music and I love a song that makes a good use of the horn (no pun intended).

Elvis Presley – Santa Claus is Back in Town
This song will definitely get your hips shaking!! You won’t be able to control yourself and you’ll be making hip thrusts at everyone. I haven’t listened to Elvis in years, I completely forgot how amazing he is!! I should point out that this song should not be confused with ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town, since Elvis Presley sings, “Well, you be a real good little girl/Santa Claus is back in town” and “Hang up your pretty stockings and turn off the light/Santa Claus is comin’ down your chimney tonight.”

Sarah Taylor & Bill Mumy – I’ve Got Some Presents For Santa
This is one hell of a hypersexual jazzy tune!!! Sarah’s voice is soo erotic and seductive and the lyrics are hardly subtle. Not one bit. Taylor sings, “I’ve got some presents for Santa/And he’s got a big one for me/Outside, it snows/I take off all my clothes/And wait for Santa underneath my tree.” The rest you can listen to yourself.

Albert King – Santa Claus Wants Some lovin’
This song is literally about Santa Claus getting it on with mommy. I am not kidding! Lyrics include;

“Now Mama’s in the kitchen cookin’/And the children are fast asleep/It’s time for old Santa Claus/To make his midnight creep ’cause/Santa Claus wants some lovin.'”

It’s not subtle but it’s sang soooo nicely!!! It’s a nice balance between funk and soul and it’s a song Craig Charles would play during his sets.

Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby
One of the most famous Christmas songs around and the only one I had heard of before searching for this list. Eartha Kitt’s is heavenly as she tells Santa everything she wants for Christmas. You could easily do a routine for your spouse to this song. You can make it his/her main Christmas present!! Saves you a few $$$.

My apologise that this list isn’t longer. I found the rest of the songs, well, terrible. But like I said above if you have any you think I would like please drop us a comment.

Happy Holidays!!!



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