Visual Diary: Christmas ‘Do

Is that time of the year again where you and your fellow co-workers eat, pull some crackers and get absolutely drunk together, and that is exactly what I did with my former catering team last Saturday. I wasn’t planning on going out since it’s Christmas and I’m very very very poor. However, since I clearly have no will power these days I ended up going out and had the best night I’ve had in a very long time.

The meal took place in Zero Degrees and was organised by my good mate Katie. There were old and new faces around the table as well as the chefs who I’ve missed tremendously. I ordered my food when I was feeling sad and fat so I was sort of regretting my meal choices. Turned out the dishes were a damn good choice even though I couldn’t finish two of them.

The Meal
Vegan Soup with fresh croutons – Absolutely delicious!!! It was Butternut Squash soup and it was heavenly. Wish it came with some bread as well as croutons. Feel a bit robbed in that department.

Main Course
Poached salmon on kugelis potato cakes, served with fresh green beans and champagne cream sauce. Topped with caviar and fresh strawberries – Never had caviar before and it was really nice, and such a beautiful festive colour to boot. The salmon was gorgeous as well as the poatatos but it was just too filling and I couldn’t finish it all.

Christmas Pudding – It was soo dry!!! Again I couldn’t finish because I was soo full but at the same time it had to be hands down the worst Christmas Pudding I’ve ever had. Next time I’ll opt for the Lemon Cheesecake.

Fiorente Spritz – This drink is lethal because it doesn’t taste like alcohol but it’ sooooooooooooooo goooooood!!!! i had two of them at Zero Degrees and it’s without a doubt my new favourite cocktail. It’s a mixture of Prosecco, Elderflower Liqueur and something else (I can’t remember what).

Special Little Guest
Little baby Olivia made a special appearance at our Christmas ‘Do on Saturday and my ovaries haven’t been right ever since. She is such a good, well-behaved baby!! She didn’t even cry once and the place was soo loud!!!

Master Larry and Candy
STORYTIME – Kingston and I were the last two standing so we decided to head over to WoW which is a Gay Bar in Cardiff and we had a nice drink and a little dance. I always wear a dog collar on a night out. It’s my go-to necklace if you will. Whilst in WoW I noticed from time to time a couple looking at us, I thought nothing of it because they were smiling at us so I smiled back.

After an hour or so they approached where the lady (named Candy) asked me if Kingston was my master. I of course said yes (much to Kingston’s horror) and we ended up chatting to them about the Master/Submissive relationship. In the end they invited me to a fetish club in Birmingham and I’m definitely going to go. One of my New Years Resolutions is to take more risks and say yes more!!! I can’t wait to write that post!!


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