19 Days: Day 223 Recap

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Here we are again with another dosage of our favourite manhua boys from the online manhua 19 Days created by Old Xian. Last time we saw He Tian and Mo Guanshan being…He Tian and Mo Guanshan. So what going to be happening this time? Let’s find out….

The boys are still in school and they’re all playing basketball, except for Jian Yi who is just watching. Zhang wants to sit down, but Jian Yi has other ideas…

Screen shot 2017-12-17 at 22.04.56

Again, what an adorable chapter!!! The facial expressions on some of the panels had me in stitches, especially from  Jian Yi and He Tian. I’m enjoying seeing them in a school setting again, sometimes you forget that they attend school and they are just normal teenagers…who get kidnapped by bosses and witness ultra-violent confrontations in restaurants.

I do love when the four of them are in the same panel together, those chapters seem to be very popular with the fanbase. I wouldn’t do it for every chapter though, since any chapter with all four of them is always that tiny bit more special and if you put them together in every chapter that’ll get pretty boring.

I’m still can’t quite make out Jian Yi and Zhang’s relationship. I can see they’re still friends, but for some reason Zhang seems a lot more at ease with Jian Yi, more so than usual, especially after he confessed to him…I find it weird that he went back to just acting normal and that Jian Yi is okay with it. again, WHAT’S GOING ON!?!?

Next Chapter: I wonder what He Tian’s planning for the evening!? Something tells me the next chapter might be about that!!! I do hope we do not get any angst in the next chapter, only because of the Christmas period.

I’ve given up on expecting She Li to pop. I’m tired of waiting. I feel i’m going to wait a long longer than I thought. Over the Christmas period Old Xian tends to put some official art of some of the characters so the fandom is very excited to see what we’ll get this year, or even if we get any at all.

You can read 19 Days here

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