Christmas Travel Destinations

One day when I’m rich I’m going to spend Christmas abroad. Obviously I would take my mother and father but since they’re in their 70s I can’t take them too far. The dream would be to spend Christmas in Tokyo. That is my idea of absolute heaven. I wouldn’t even stay in the house. I’ll be out, exploring my favourite city whilst everyone else is at home. However it’s expensive and therefore will remain a dream. But what other cities are there where you can spend time over Christmas? Well, here are a few I found on the internet.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen has never been on my list for places to visit but everyone I know whose been tell me it’s absolutely beautiful. Apparently they ‘go big or go home’ during the Christmas period, with half a million lights constantly flickering and thousands of Christmas trees scattered around.


Dublin, Ireland
I’ve never been to Dublin and I really should, especially since it’s our neighbour. I can imagine Dublin would be full of festivities over the Christmas period and of course you have your ‘Winter Wonderland’ which right outside St Patrick’s Cathedral. What a beautiful setting for ice skating.


New York, USA
I have bad memories of New York and it has really put me off going back…but at the same time…can you imagine having actual snow during the Christmas period?! Can you imagine being in New York during New Years Eve. Now that would be insane.


Berlin, Germany
Berlin is next years destination. I hope that while I’m there I can hold an exhibition of my work, as well as visit a few…specialist clubs. There are 50 Christmas markets in the German capital alone, so there is plenty to see if you’re heading there for a Christmas vacation.


Rome, Italy
I do love Rome, I’ve been lucky enough to go there but it was just a taster. Faith and tradition I assume would still play a massive role in the Christmas festivities of Rome. Apparently the Midnight Mass is something you have to experience.


Lapland, Finland
Lapland is every child’s dream!!! Can you imagine looking up at the sky from your fancy Finnish hotel where you can see everything outside but no one can see inside and just gazing at the beautiful Northern Lights?! How awesome would that be!?


Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is well known to be a good place to visit during the Christmas period. You have the Christmas markets, six hundred years of architecture virtually untouched by natural disaster or war and many other things. Prague is definitely on my to-do list.


Bruges, Belgium
Whenever Bruges is mentioned in the family my parents end up going on and on about how amazing it is!!! Hopefully by the end of 2018 I’d have made enough money to take us all there for Christmas!! Bruges was made for Christmas


Aspen, USA
South Park mentioned it, and now I want to go.


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