Film Review: Sadako Vs Kayako


Name: Sadako vs Kayako
Release: 2016
Country: Japan
Director: Koji Shiraishi
Writers: Koji Suzuki, Takashi Shimizu
Actors: Mizuki Yamamoto, Tina Tamashiro, Aimi Satsukawa

You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I found that this film existed!!! I love The grudge and The Ring, both films began my interest in Asian cinema and I shall always be grateful! I love the concept and I was very excited to see this idea being executed onto th big screen.

After watching a cursed videotape, Natsumi has only two days before she will be killed by demonic entity Sadako. Her only hope is to pit Sadako against Kayako, a menacing spirit that inhabits a haunted house.



I’ve waited over a year for this to be subbed. I was incredibly incredibly excited about watching this film. I honestly couldn’t wait. Once it was over I was speechless…what the hell did I just watch?!

Don’t get me wrong the plot made perfect sense. Get cursed in by both spirits and get them to fight over you. Yes, makes perfect sense, great plot idea but it was executed soo soo soooooo badly at the end. The plot had such potential but by the end I felt they were making the film as they went along.

If I’m honest I wanted a proper cat fight. I wanted Dynasty style hair pulling, bitch slapping fight. Instead they pulled each other off screen and ran into each other to form a massive octopus glob. They also had exorcists, which yes in hindsight made perfect sense to the plot but at the same time it wasn’t executed well. Our male exorcist could literally move  spirits with a flick of his wrists. What I love about The Grudge and The Ring is that even though they were fiction it was realistic enough for you to feel scared (to an extent) but adding a man who acts like Jesus and the whole thing becomes slightly ridiculous.


However, I must admit it was a lot scarier than the first two films of both franchises. The first two were creepy and the build up to each scary scene was great but with this I knew what to expect and for me that added to the scare because you didn’t know when or how but you know it was going to happen and they used a lot more CGI in this film so the speed of the characters became a lot more rapid and a lot scarier.

Kayako is my all time favourite Asian ghost. I love The Grudge and out of the both it’s my favourite franchise. She wasn’t in it enough for me. There was soo much focus on Sadako and it wasn’t even enough.

Overall Opinion
Well….that happened. I’m glad I watched but no words can express how…confused I was by how I felt after watching that film. It was a complete let down but at the same time…it was a complete let down.



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