19 Days: Day 221 Recap

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Another week and another chapter of 19 Days by Old Xian!!! The last chapter we saw Zhang and Jian Yi comparing heights with Zhang Xixi getting a little bit too close. We also had a brief glimpse of He Tian, who was clutching onto Mo Guanshan like he was going to fly away!! So what can we expect in this chapter? Let’s find out!!

Both Jian Yi ans Zhang are in class. They’re discussing poetry when Jian Yi decides to stick a pen down Zhang’s jumper. Zhang catches his hand in time and decides to draw something on it.

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I do love the fact this arc is centred around their school life. It feels like we’re back to the beginning and it somehow feels nostalgic to me, expect this time there is that slight tinge of angst since Jian Yi is still pining for somehow who simply can’t return his feelings, even though he’s masking it by goofing around, you can tell he’s still hurting. However look how proud and happy he is with his cloud!! Bless him.

I love the fact that He Tian is still clinging to mo Guanshan. I think it’s really sweet. Poor little Mo Mo, he needs a break from the boy. I like this chapter. It was silly and funny but still had that depth that the fandom has become accustomed too.

Next Chapter: Not a clue. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I’m honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up get a tianshan chapter. We haven’t had them two on their own for a while. I can sense She Li’s presence looming!! I don’t think we’ll have that long to wait!! I’m soo excited!!!

You can read 19 Days here

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