Geeky Diaries: Rick and Morty Mystery Mini Unboxing

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As you all know I am in love with Rick and Morty (I mean, who isn’t) and thank the good ol’ geek Lord that Funko became the master toy partner of Rick and Morty. On their website they state;

‘Cartoon Network Enterprises is broadening its licensing program around popular Adult Swim brand Rick and Morty by expanding its partnership with Funko, the world’s leading creator of pop culture collectibles. The company has been named master toy partner forRick and Morty, and will help bring the critically acclaimed animated series to life with the introduction of a vast assortment of products that will be available at select mass retailers nationwide’.

Even though I was excited about Rick and Morty Funko Pops I was even more excited when I found out they were bringing Mystery Mini’s. Due to lack of cabinet space, a Mystery Mini makes more sense.

Rick and Morty
Created and executive produced by Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland (Adventure Time), Rick and Morty follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. Season 3 ended this summer and now we have a long long loooong wait for Season 4 which hopefully will include the showdown between Evil Morty and Rick!! With every season it grows more and more popular. McDonalds even brought back the Szechuan sauce!!


This is the first wave of Rick and Morty Mystery Mini’s. I’ll assume as the series progress and when new characters are introduced will be seeing more mystery mini’s coming out over the years. There are 22 to collect all together, which also includes Hot Topic Exclusives.  In the first wave and they are;

Arthricia – 1:12
Beth – 1:12
Birdperson – 1:12
Doofus Rick – 1:24
Ghost in a Jar – 1:72
Jerry – 1:12
Morty (scared) – Hot Topic 1:12
Morty Jr. – 1:24
Morty w/ eye patch – Target 1:12
Morty w/ seeds – 1:12
Mr. Meeseeks – 1:24
Mr. Meeseeks w/ golf club – Hot Topic 1:24
Mr. Meeseeks w/ gun – Target 1:24
Mr. Poopy Butthole – 1:6
Rick – 1:12
Rick w/ flask – Target 1:12
Rick w/ Meeseeks box – Hot Topic 1:12
Snuffles/Snowball – 1:24
Squanchy – 1:36
Summer – 1:12
Tinkles – 1:72
Unity – 1:36
If you’re looking to complete your collection, this might prove a difficult task, since there are soo many exclusives, however I am sure you will be able to find them online. I would love to get Tinkles or Ghost in a Jar, they look really really cute!!
And I got….
Bird Person!!
Not quite what I was hoping for but you cannot be disappointed in Bird Person?! His death was such a shock to me and the fact Tammy resurrected him!! Why did she resurrect him? What are her plans?! Anyway… Bird Person look really adorable. His has these big massive baby eyes and he looks really cute. He stands up well and the paintwork is spot on!
Will I buy More?
I have one more box in my Toy Box that I need to open (I know, I’m 26 with a Toy Box, judge me as much as you want). That’ll be my third Rick and Morty Mystery Mini I’ll have opened. Thus far I have Summer and Bird Person. Hopefully next unboxing it’ll be either Tinkles or Ghost in a Jar!!