Christmas Food Ideas: Savoury

Over indulgence is one of the many joys of the Christmas period. You can scoff your face with all the delicious goods you can and the best part is: you don’t have to feel sorry for it! one of the most exciting things for me when I go home for Christmas is the fact I can enjoy my mother’s cooking. She is by far the best cook around and also she’s a feeder!!

This year I told myself that I would cook Christmas dinner with my mother (bollocks but the thought was there) so, as per usual, I scoured the internet to find recipes we could do together or I found recipes that I hope to try and make in 2018. From christmas canapes to cheeseboards, hopefully this post will make you want to stretch your culinary skills this festive season.

(With that in mind – if some of you do end up trying to create some of these dishes and recipes then please send me pics and I can pop them on here).

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 12.21.05

Festive Filled brioche centrepiece with baked camembert
Nothing beats a cheeseboard over the Christmas holidays!! Cheeseboard is the ultimate dessert for me (if toffee pudding isn’t on the menu). This, for me, is heaven in a beautiful doughy wreath. Note: the camembert will stink up the whole house so make sure you keep it in the garage or somewhere where the powerful stench won’t be such a nuisance. How is this a cheeseboard you say? Well, granted it isn’t but you add the rest of the cheeseboard on the side. Think of this as the amazing centrepiece to your insane and delicious cheeseboard.

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 12.25.25

 Stuffing Baubles
Now that’s what I call a fancy pig in blanket!! I’m definitely sending my mother this recipe as they look absolutely delicious!! This is basically porn right now!! It’s sausage meat wrapped in bacon and red onion with some cranberry dressing. Leave out the cranberry and that is one hell of a buffet dish!!

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 12.32.56

Teriyaki Tempeh with peanut dip
This would be perfect for a buffet and perfect for all those peanut lovers (like myself). it literally takes 10 minutes to cook and it takes 15 minutes to prep so you won’t be slaving away too long in the kitchen. They look like burnt Ab Fab lollies!!

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 12.59.17

Naan, Spinach and Halloumi Bites
This is probably one of the easiest recipes I have found and it sounds so delicious and healthy(ish). I love Halloumi and spinach, they go soo well together. This is a great dish if you’re serving finger food or a buffet. You can make it for 40 people too so plenty to go around!!

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 13.04.56

Sole Goujons with Mango and Lime Dip
I know I need to add more white fish into my diet. I’m also partial to enjoy food covered in breadcrumbs. So this particular finger food is a must-have for me this Christmas. They look mouthwatering and delicious. Mango seems like a popular add-on this Christmas. I understand it’s use with chutney but as a sauce to accompany a savoury dish that has fish in it? I think I’ll stick with my tartare sauce.

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 13.21.28

Spicy Turkey Noodles
This recipe is easy, quick and a delicious way to get rid of your turkey leftovers. Now this is something I know I can do so I might give it a whirl on the 27th (food has already been planned in our family for Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day, food is a serious business in our household).

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 13.24.33

Brummie Bacon Cakes
My mouth is watering as I look at these. Oh my Lord they would be perfect for a hangover. They look soo sinful and delicious!! They require such effort but let’d be honest anything that looks THAT perfect needs some time and care.