19 Days: Day 220 Recap

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I think it’s safe to say that Old Xian is going to spoil us with a lot of fluff in the next few chapters. We’ve had our share of angst with Mo Guanshan’s family background so we deserve something light and breezy don’t you think? In the last chapter Jian Yi and Zhng both nearly had a heart attack when Jian Yi picked up a frog rather than the lucky token Zhang won for him. So what will happen in the next chapter? Will we see what He Tian cooked Mo Guanshan for dinner? Let’s find out…

We’re back at the school and Jian Yi is helping a fellow classmate tidy the chalkboard. She informs him that he’s grown a bit taller, so Jian Yi decides to see Zhang, and check if he’s taller than him…

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Okay, I assume that we’ll never find out how Zhang feels, but from what I can gather I think he’s accepted Jian Yi’s feelings but it isn’t reciprocated as of yet. Someone in the fandom correct me if I’m wrong. This, again was another really cute chapter just like the previous chapter. Look how happy he is running to see Zhang, he’s such a little knoob.

Also look how He Tian is clinging to Mo Guanshan!! He’s such a love sick puppy!! I wish they hadn’t cut out the chapter where they had dinner together. That could’ve been a real turning point in their relationship. Are we to assume that after all they went through in the restaurant they’re sill going to be the same with each other? I saw character development and hopefully it’ll stay that way. I hope Mo carries on opening up to him as he did in the previous chapters.

Also, Mo and his sandwich!! How adorable!!

Next Chapter: She Li will have to appear in the next chapter. He has to. They all go to the same school so I won’t be surprised if he makes an appearance. If I’m honest I can’t guess what the next chapter will be about, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be fluffy.

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