Tamen De Gushi Chap 146 Recap

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The newest chapter of Tamen De Gushi has been released and I couldn’t wait to read it!!! In the last chapter the whole fandom was beside themselves when our little lady Qiu Tong kissed Sun Jing. This was something we’ve wanted to happen for a very long time and I, like everyone else in the fandom was incredibly happy with this chapter!! The kiss that we’ve been waiting for was executed perfectly and the last panel was beautifully drawn. What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter? Let’s find out…

We continue right from where we left off with Qiu Tong still kissing Sun Jing(!). Qiu Tong quickly snaps back to reality and is completely flustered. She parts ways with Sun Jing as quickly as she can and leaves Sun Jing, who is obviously dumbfounded by what has just happened. However her confusion turns to happiness. Whilst Sun Jing is jumping with absolute joy, Qiu Tong realises she still has Sun Jing’s jacket..

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Oh no. Even though this chapter is soo cute, I still have a bad feeling in my tummy. Things are going to be slightly awkward between both girls after this , especially from Qiu Tong’s side. I feel she is going to tell Sun Jing it was a mistake and then we’ll have to witness Sun Jing’s little heart break. I’m not ready for that.

Sun Jing’s expressions in some of the panels are pure gold. She goes from confused to embarrassed and happy in a space of three panels!! Her smiling face is drawn so beautifully, it makes me soo sad as I feel she’s going to get her little heart broken.

I still think that Qiu Tong is confused by her feelings. I don’t think she kissed her out of pity but it does seem that way doesn’t it. I feel she acted on some impulse and now it’s slowly hitting her that she just kissed her friend. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong and she’ll be very happy to see Sun Jing again, maybe slightly embarrassed but happy.

Next Chapter: I honestly have no idea and I cannot wait!! We’ll we go straight to the next day? Will we head back to the aftermath of the party? Will Glasses Boy make a surprise visit Qu Fang?! Who knows and that’s what makes this manhua amazing!!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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