The ‘Private’ Playlist 2

Since the first playlist proved to pretty popular among you dear dear avid followers/readers/visitors, I scoured the entire Youtube to find some more tunes for you lot to get down to (sex pun. I’m hilarious). Since I started Pole Dancing I’ve been trying the perfect song to create a routine to and these songs I’ve chosen are all perfect. You could say this isn’t really about what you would play to get in the mood but perfect for some private dance.

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as you enjoyed the first. Any recommendations please holla!! I’m always searching for new music!

Deserve – Kris Wu ft Travis Scott
This was only released a month ago and I absolutely love it. It’s mellow and it sets the mood perfectly. This may not make you grind on your partner, but it’s definitely a smooth, slow, take-your-time song to play in the background.

Hell Is Round The Corner – Tricky

Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundations

Drowning – Banks, Dave Glass Animals Remix

Often – The Weeknd, Kygo Remix
The Weeknd has some pretty awesome tunes but this remix is amazing!! Again the perfect song for pole dancing or for, you know, making out and stuff.

Erotic City – Prince
This is the song that made me take up Pole Dancing in the first place. I saw a pole dancer performing a routine to this song and I fell in love with it. I was adamant I was going to begin classes and I’m soo glad that I did!! I can’t find the original however I have found a cover and it’s AMAZING!!!

Devil – Stereophonics

Make It Wit Chu – Queens of the Stone Age
This song was recommended to me after I posted my other playlist online. I’m so glad they told me about because this is one hell of a make out tune!! I haven’t listened to Queens of the Stone Age since my college days. I can’t believe I’ve never heard this song before. What a tune!!


2 thoughts on “The ‘Private’ Playlist 2

  1. For me the best thing about this and your previous Sex playlist is that I don’t know any of these songs! So I have a whole new musical adventure ahead of me – thanks to you.
    My playlist is mostly old blues with a bit of 70’s funk and of course Missy Elliot. You can find it on my Pinterest page If you don’t know Denise LaSalle’s “Lick it Before You Stick It” you are in for a treat.
    For more of the smooth stuff and some other sexy sound material check out the links on my Listen page:


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