Visual Diary: The Featherz

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger visual diary the featherz

On November 10th, I went and saw my best friend Catrin playing one of her first ever gigs in Cardiff with the band The Featherz. Cat Cat asked if I would be willing to take some snaps of the event for the group and I was more than happy to oblige. Two thing though;

  1. I hate Gig/nightclub photography. The crowds are always drunk and are complete arseholes. I always worry that my camera is going to get damaged and you know you’ll have one bloke who takes it too far.
  2. I’m never prepared for Gig Photography.

This event was no exception.

I know for a fact I should’ve taken my flash however the band was already blinded by some purple lighting without my flash adding to it. The lighting in the venue was absolutely awful, but I tried to make it work as best as my ability could allow me.



rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger visual diary the featherz




Overall Opinion (Photography)
When it comes to Photography, I haven’t taken images of humans in such a long long time that I was definitely rusty. I can honestly say, hand on heart, this may be the worst batch of images I’ve done since leaving University. However, without tearing myself apart too much, I did managed snap a few beauts which of course is proudly displayed on this article.





The Gig 
The gig itself was a blast and everyone in the audience was having one hell of a time! We did have one or two middle aged men (surprise surprise) trying to ruin the event by shouting derogatory names at the band, however we didn’t hear them at the front, and neither did the band. We were blessed with some David Bowie as well as original pieces from the band.

Their fashion choices were spot on!! I do believe the venue itself might’ve been too small for the band but they certainly made it work!!! The members themselves were lovely (Cat introduced us all) and they were incredibly friendly to talk to. I hope to Christ they’re make do with my images.





Catrin looked like a ginger Patti Smith. She wore an amazing androgynous ensemble and she looked FIIIIT!!! Both of us were slightly emotional during our brief time together as we’ve been missing each other like crazy. Sometimes life can get pretty tough when your best friend is a four hour drive away. And you don’t own a car.
I don’t think I’ve ever hugged her as much as I did that night. Neither of us a huggy people so it’s slightly out of character for us both but we needed a good catch up. I asked about the usual things such as ‘when is she getting engaged’ and the like. She says she will never get engaged. I think she’s talking a load of shit.



It was incredibly lovely to see and hate having to part from her, however maybe next year I’ll be seeing her a lot more since we’re planning our first Holiday together!!! We’re not going to make it. I’m also hoping next year we’ll get to visit our friend Alex in Singapore too, that would be awesome!!

Cat I’m so so sooo proud of how far you’ve come and the fact you’ve made it. I can’t wait to see you in more gigs in the future!!







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