Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

The Deadpool 2 teaser trailer hit the internet on Wednesday and I haven’t been so excited for a teaser trailer in a very long time!!! As soon as I saw him channeling Bob Ross I couldn’t press that play button quick enough!!

The trailer is full of sexual innuendos you would expect from Deadpool and the paintings in the background were second to none!! When he started talking about ‘cascading in that white powder’ I was in fits of absolute giggles. When he lost in paint brush and desperately looking for it I was gone!! I was done with this trailer!!

As soon as that was done we had a brief glimpse of what to expect…

Holy Fuck Knuckles we’re in for a treat!!! Everyone one is back, including the taxi driver!! That made me soo happy!! He looks like a right badass in this!! Negasonic Teenage War Head looks completely and utterly badass!! I’m in absolute love with her look!! The trailer (in between Deadpool beating his brush) looks sick and it’s made me sooo excited for the films release!!!! Can it be 2018 yet!?!?!

Ryan Reynolds loves playing this character so much and it shows!! There are not many actors who would be this dedicated (Jennifer Tilly being the exception with Tiffany). You know I don’t think Ryan Reynolds is real. I just think it’s Deadpool wearing a mask.