19 Days: Day 219 Recap

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The new 19 Days chapter has come out and I couldn’t wait to read. I feel we all need a breather from the Tianshan storyline (poor tiny Mo Mo) so fingers crossed this chapter will be about our main boys, Jian and Zhang. In last weeks chapter we saw Guanshan heading back to Tian place for a meal will we see what our boy cooked for out Mo Mo? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi and Zhang are still out on their..date? Jian Yi accidentally loses his memorabilia
coin that Zhang gave him. They both begin searching for it and while Jian believes to have found it, he instead picks up something else…

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WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO??!?!? I honestly can’t take it anymore!!! Was it a date?! Is it all platonic!? Are they pretending that nothing happened!?!?! What are they doing!?! Hopefully the next chapter they’re both in all my questions will be answered.

I always thought they would get together before Mo Guanshan and He Tian but now I’m not so sure. Maybe Tianshan will make Zhang more accepting of the idea or make him realise how special Jian Yi is to him.

It’s such a funny chapter though. Refreshing since we’ve had quite a bit of angst and tension lately. Their faces are hilarious in all the panels. Old Xian did a fantastic job with this chapter.

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I’m glad this recent chapter was going to be centred around them, I thought it would be. I’m dying to know what’s going to happen with He Tian and Mo Guanshan as I feel their relationship is going to progress very quickly but I want to wait. I want to be caught off guard with it.

Next chapter: I think we’ll have a continuation from this storyline. We’ve had quite a bit of Tianshan so it’s only fair that the other two should have their moment in the spotlight, especially since it is their story. I would love to see She Li at some point, slightly random for him to just appear for a split second. He’s going to play a huge roll in this storyline soon I can feel it.

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