Geeky Diaries: Forbidden Planet Haul


I’m really excited to debut a new blog segment; Geeky Diaries!!! It’s slightly similar to my Visual Diary segment but it’ll be focused solely on Geeky stuff such as geeky products, geeky hauls, Geeky events, basically anything geeky!!

I’ve finally taking up Toy Photography again which I’m really happy about! I went through a little slump these past few months where I didn’t unbox anything at all, I have no idea why. I think with the break up and finding new hobbies and interests and I felt as if I was growing out of it. Turns out I wasn’t. Turns out I still enjoy unboxing Geeky stuff and I still enjoy taking images of toys!!

However this time I’m a lot more relaxed about it and I’m trying to not put too much pressure on myself with it. I’m still going to take good quality images for you all, but this is not the photography path I want to take career wise so the photos won’t be spell-binding. Don’t expect David Bailey style images!!

Months and months ago I stayed in London for a few days and ended up in London’s Forbidden Planet. It’s twice the size of the one we have in Cardiff and it has a lot more products to offer. Here are some of the geeky products I managed to pick up there.



The High School Life of a Fundanshi Manga
I absolutely love the work of Atami Michinoku!! The High School Life of a Fundanshi was one of the first pieces of work I read from her and since then it’s been a downward spiral of graphic sex novels after graphic sex novels!! They’ve turned her manga into an anime with each episode being 3/4 minutes long!! It’s incredibly funny and I cannot recommend it enough!! Her artwork is always so stylish and erotic!! You won’t regret it when I say you should check out her work.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Vinylmation
I’ve never had a Vinylmation before so I’m very excited to see the product!! When I purchased this in London Guardians of the Galaxy 2 had only just come out so I was absolutely buzzing about getting this!!! I’ll be unboxing this very soon so keep your eyes peeled!!


The Simpsons Collectors Keyring
If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you would know that my house keys have the biggest keyrings dangling on them that you will ever see!! They’re a hefty pair (yes, I have two of them) but I still managed to lose them!! So I decided to purchase The Simpsons Collectors Keyring mystery bag!! The designs looked so so cute, I can’t wait to see what I get!!


Disney Villains Collectors Keyring
I’ve seen a few of these in unboxing videos on Youtube so when I saw them in Forbidden Planet in London I had to grab one or two!! Disney villains will always be the best characters in any Disney film. You can’t have a film without a villain!! Crossing my fingers that I’ll get Ursula!!


Tsum Tsum Keyring Mystery Pack
I’m more than happy to admit that I may have gone overboard with how many keyrings I bought, but I couldn’t resist they all look sooooo cute!!! I don’t own any tsum tsums but I can appreciate them. They’re frickin adorable!! Also when I was out in Tokyo they had Tokyo Disney exclsuives based on the vintage Minnie and Mickey Mouse films and they were soo cool.


The Simpsons 25 Anniversary Mini Series
I bought one of these The Simpsons Kidrobot Mystery boxes the last time I came to London and I was impressed with the quality. Kidrobot always create good quality mini figures (they have a Bobs Burgers Mystery Mini set which I’m dying to get my hands on). In the last Simpsons Mystery Mini unboxing I managed to get the Mr Sparkle mini and I absolutely loved it, so I can’t wait to see what I’ll get next.




Street Fighter and Mega-Man Soft Drinks
I bought these for the can designs and for the can designs alone. I love the use of pixel with my Mega Man, definitely suits the subject matter. while I just love the Ken design on my Street Fighter can. I tried to drink the Street Fighter drink but with every sugary sip I could feel my teeth rotting at their core, so I poured the rest down the drain.

You can find most of these products on the Forbidden Planet website