Tamen De Gushi Chap 145 Recap

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Tan Jiu is definitely spoiling us recently because we’ve received another Tamen De Gushi chapter!! I’ve been enjoying this series so so much recently that I do not want this party arc to end. From the storyline to the art itself, the party arc has been enjoyable to read. We’ve seen jealousy, happiness, we’ve seen it all in this arc. Last week we saw a young naive little girl getting drunk but luckily our Qi Fang was there to rescue her!! So what will see in this chapter (crossing fingers for Upperclassman), let’s find out…

The party has just come to an end and Qi Fang is saying goodbye to all his party guests. Sun Jing and Qiu Tong walk home together in complete silence. Qiu Fang asks Sun Jing why isn’t she talking and Sun jing answer surprises her…

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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!! They kissed!!!!! They finally kissed!!! Qiu Tong kissed Sun Jing!!! As you can predict the fandom is going batshit crazy about this!!! I wasn’t expecting this at all and I couldn’t be happier. Tan Jiu caught us all off guard and delivered something us fans were not expecting.

Sun Jing is such a mature character. Her actions were wrong and she knows that. I love the fact she apologised and I love the fact Qiu Tong saw her in a new light. I’m hoping they don’t brush off the kiss in the next chapter but something tells me we’ll be seeing Qiu Tong questioning why she kissed Sun Jing.

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My only qualm with this is the fact that the party arc of Tamen De Gushi has come to an end. I honestly thought we were going to see stories from every character and I honestly did think we were going to see Glasses Boy at some point but alas I was wrong, which makes this whole manhua incredibly unpredictable, which is great!!!

The next chapter: Either it’s going to be a continuation of this chapter or I believe we’ll be seeing Qi Fang clearing up after his party and glasses boy turns up. I won’t be surprised if that is what’s going to happen next but you can predict with this book!! I do hope we get an Upperclassman chapter soon!!! I miss our gentle giant!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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