Visual Diary: London With Jenni 2017



For this past two or three years Jenni and I have made it a tradition to stay in London for the night every year and this year we decided to head out during the Halloween weekend to attend London Comic Con and just to have a good time. Jenni is the Queen of affordable holidays and managed to book the hotel stay and the bus ride and c con tickets to come under less than £80!!!! And London hotels are not cheap!!

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Yo Sushi
Jenni and I love Yo Sushi. It’s our first restaurant choice when we’re in needed of a catch up. Jenni usually goes for the salmon rice combo (I’ve forgotten what it’s called while I tend to go for three plates of pumpkin katsu). Whilst we were in London we made two Yo Sushi trips; one when we arrived and one when we left. It was absolutely amazing!!!





Comic Con
Comic Con was absolutely amazing this year!! I wrote a post about it last week so make sure you check it out!!! There were dozens and dozens of Rick and Morty cosplay and tonnes and tonnes of fun stalls. I ended up buy a harness rather than anything geeky. I also treated myself to some Kit Kats, all of which were flavours from Japan. Bondage clothing and Kit Kats. What a great haul!

Tonight Josphine
Whilst we were in London we decided to hit a cocktail bar that we found online called Tonight Josephine. We found it on Instagram and decided to hit it up. It’s one of the coolest cocktail bars I’ve ever been to. They blasting 90s Rn’B music all night, it reminded Jenni and I of our University days when we both used to go to Bump & Grind. The cocktails were scrumptious however don’t go there short of cash, it’s quite pricey.. The aim of the night: Have a photo in front of their infamous neon sign. Aim complete!!

Drunk in Chinatown
We were slightly tipsy by the time we left Tonight Josephine and decided it would be a wise decision to at least grab something to eat in a nice restaurant before we head back to the hotel. We caught the Underground and stumbled through Chinatown on the hunt for an affordable meal. We had spent a lot on money at the bar so we needed to keep this meal as cheap as possible. We eventually found our meal, and we sat there in comfortable silence, chowing down on our grub. Afterwards we retreated to the hotel.

Cafe Miami, Hackney
On Sunday Jenni took me to the most aesthetically pleasing cafe I’ve ever been too!! It was a pink pastel dream!! Unfortunately for me most of their dishes contained Avocado (I bloody hate Avocado) so I went for the tuna melt with a side of halloumi and it was delicious! Jenni opted for the gluten free pancakes with cinnamon and banana. It looked amazing. As you can see the cafe is really cute and is definitely worth checking out!!

Jenni decided to take me to the flower market in Shoreditch and it was jam packed!! We could barely move. There was soo much hustle and bustle and it had many events on including a food street circus. We decided to head into Rough Trade and take some snaps in the Photobooth. I decided to do something wild in the photobooth and middle middle middle, Jenni is now scarred for life!!

Shopping then Home
Jenni’s favourite shop is Forever 21 and unfortunately we don’t have one in Cardiff so of course we always go there and have a good look around. I’m loving this seasons fashion since it all about leather and some of the clothes in Forever 21 were on point!! It reminded me how much I despise being soo poor. We also went into SkinnyDip which is also always a must on our weekend away. I bought something for Kat, which she’ll be getting Christmas time. I hope she likes it. Before we caught the undergound to Victoria we decided to have a look in Japan Centre and I bought one or two Kawaii snack and some Melon Pan which I muss eating on a regular basis.

I had a blast as always!! Thank you Jenni for always arranging such a wonderful trip

You can book a table for Tonight Josephine here


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