19 Days: Day 218 Recap

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Old Xian is certainly on a roll at the moment since they have spoilt us with yet another chapter!!! The last chapter…was incredibly traumatic. Our poor little Mo!! What a horrible horrible experience to have gone through at such a young age. We also saw some development in the relationship between He Tian and Mo Guanshan. Day 217 was the first chapter in which they both referred to each other by name!! You can see Mo Guanshan is slowly becoming more comfortable in He Tian’s presence. So what do you think we’ll get this time?? We will we have a continuation of Tianshan? Or will Old Xian go back to our other favourite boys? Let’s find out!!

We find ourselves with He Tian and Mo Guanshan in a back of a taxi which we believe is taking them home. Mo Guanshan looks exhausted and seems to be falling asleep and He Tian is keeping an eye on him. He Tian pulls him in so he can rest his head on his shoulder. When Guanshan is finally awake, he realises the taxi isn’t heading to his house after all…

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I was expecting this sort of reaction from Guanshan since he has let his guard down with He Tian recently so of course he’s going to act like he did in the previous chapters, however I do believe that their relationship will progress in the upcoming chapters. I feel as if both boys are going to have a major heart-to-heart soon and that’ll change how they view each other and their opinions of each other.

I also feel that He Tian has learnt his lesson and will not be as aggressive as he has previously been with Mo Guanshan. I think he has finally realised the error of his actions and will be a lot more attentive from now on. You can see that with how he tells Guanshan he’s promised to treat him to a meal. Old Xian expressed it like he was just saying it. No exclamation marks, no commas nothing. He said he was going to treat Guanshan to a meal and that’s what he’s going to do.

Next chapter: I think we’ll be seeing a bit of Zhang and Jian Yi in the next chapter and I hope so too. We’ve definitely been spoilt with Tianshan chapter lately and also I am dying to know what is going on between them both!! Are they dating or not?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?!

You can read 19 Days here

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