Pole Dancing Level 1


Unless you’ve started following my Instagram this past week then you’ll be surprised to find out that I’ve taken up pole dancing for the past five weeks and on Thursday 19th Oct I successfully completed level one pole fitness along with the rest of the girls!!

I began pole fitness because it amazing for my core and arms. As some of you know I’ve been hitting the gym hard these past three years, and I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 8 (GO ME) however, after a while the gym gets monotonous and I was craving a good exercise. Starting pole fitness was part of New Years Resolution this year and in September I thought ‘screw it I’m signing up’, and managed to find a class 5 minutes from my house!!


The team and I are having soo much fun!! On the 19th we all successfully managed to go upside down on the pole, after four lessons. We were all on such a high after that!! That feeling of accomplishment rushed over us and we were so proud of each other.

It also nice to be part of a group and making new friends. Even though we’ve all only known each other for four hours we’re incredibly supportive of each other. It’s the sisterhood everyone craves. Whenever one of us achieved something on the pole we would all holler and cheer!!


We’ve learnt so much from our first five weeks and I cannot wait to begin level 2!! Pole Dancing has now been recognized as a competitive sport and who knows they might add it to the Olympics in Tokyo!! Heading back to Tokyo would be an absolute dream so of course I’m going to start training extra hard (I’m joking of course).

We did a little routine to celebrate each of us moving on to the next level, I hope you enjoy!!!


8 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Level 1

  1. Congratz on the progress. I can only imagine how hard it must be to pick up this skill. You must have been working the hell out of muscles you probably didn’t even know you had before. lol


  2. Lovely, great to see you all working it so well. There was a little twirl around the pole in the video that took me back to when I was a kid and used to twirl around playground equipment. I never equated it with pole dancing, but I get the connection now. I spent a lot of time on outdoor play equipment way back then, and I started thinking about the pleasure of that when I began to think about taking up shibari… Now I’m thinking this might be the start I need as my core and arms are not especially strong… So thanks, for the prompt and thanks for sharing your fabulous images…
    Indie x


    1. Best advice I can give is join a class and also it takes time. I’m one of those people that if I don’t get it straight away I’ve failed, and with pole you don’t get it straight away but you do eventually get it!!! Be prepared to love your body more than you already do 😁

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      1. Yeah, I had my first class 3 days ago. It’s all part of my new fitness slash blogging resolution, but I have a feeling pole dancing will be something that sticks. (or at least I hope) Can’t wait to stop just strutting around the pole and actually start doing some kick-ass routines, but I know it will take time. 😦


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