Tamen De Gushi Chap 143 Recap

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It’s been two weeks since my favourite girls of manhua had their time in the spotlight but their back this week and I couldn’t be happier!! I’m looking forward to this party arc since I’m expecting some angst and drama. This arc has soo much potential and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t fall flat like that basket ball arc (let’s never mention that arc ever again).

Last time we saw the beginning of Qiu Fang’s party and Qiu Tong arriving looking like the belle of the ball!! Sun Jing could not keep her eyes of her. I wonder what’s going to happen this week, let’s find out…

Sun Jing is introducing Qiu Tong to all the boys at the party who, of course are in awe of her (I mean look how pretty she is). Sun Jing goes to find Qiu Fang and leaves Qiu Tong with the boys, one of which gets slightly fresh with her, which of course doesn’t go down well with Sun Jing…

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Opinion (Spoilers)
OH MY HEAVENS THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GO DOOOOWWWWWNNNN! Finally some much needed drama!! I knew this arc was going to be amazing!! Their relationship can go in two ways here; either Qiu Tong is so overcome by this declaration of ownership (which, by the way Sun Jing, not cool) or it’s going to be a complete 180 and it’ll cause a fracture in their relationship.

Personally I believe their relationship will become slightly fractured, since Qiu Tong still doesn’t really know how she feels and any feelings she does have she is struggling with them and here comes hot headed Sun Jing blurting out to anyone that can hear that she’s belongs to her?! Yeah, this is not going to go down well.

Screen shot 2017-10-23 at 19.36.57

I also feel that our little red-head friend is also going to throw some spanner into the works. I can see her attempting to to steal Su Jing’s broken heart. I do feel sorry for our little red-head friend. She’s also going to get her little heart broken.

What’s in store for the us next? Well, it’s either the above or they Tan Jiu will cut to two different characters. I hope she cuts to another storyline within the party. Why you ask?! I’m enjoying the suspense, a bit too much!!

Screen shot 2017-10-23 at 19.37.16

You can read Tamen De Gushi here


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