My go-to Halloween Costume


Every Halloween I tell myself and I’m going to go all out with my costume. Past Halloween ideas include Jane Lane, Tank Girl and Medusa. Unfortunately it turns out we’re much lazier than we thought and we’ve never even managed to get the supplies.

However a few years ago I was determined to get a Halloween costume and guess what? I did it!! Since then it has been my go-to costume if I don’t bother getting the costume I want. The costume is based on Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange is one of my all-time favourite controversial films and the costume is always a hit Halloween season. I always bump into plenty of drooges on a night out!! The costume is pretty simple; all you need is white trousers, white shirt, men’s braces, black boots, a black hat and a cane. For the piece de resistance you will to master the art of putting a fake eyelash over one eye and try and put some fake ones on the bottom. This was something I’m still trying to master.

Will this be my costume this year again? Probably. I would love to see what I look like in the outfit now that I’ve dropped down from a size 14 above to a size 8.

What are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Comment below!!