Halloween Figurine Wishlist

Halloween Figurine Wishlist


HORROR BISHOUJO Freddy vs. Jason
£53 – amiami.com

HORROR BISHOUJO Freddy vs. Jason
£45 – amiami.com

I was scouring the entire internet trying to find some decent Halloween themed figurines for you all to drool over but they’re not as popular as I thought! I’ve already mentioned the two Freddy vs Jason figurines before but I thought I’ll refresh your memory of them. Plus new followers can also get to see how awesome they look!!
We also have two Love Live Halloween figurines too!! Unfortunately the rest of the figurines were not provided with links on Polyvore however just type ‘halloween figurines’ and you can fin them all there when you head to images.  The two Love Live characters you can get are Ayase Eri and Nashi Nishikino. My favourite out of the two is Eri Ayase. Her outfit is soo cute and I love amount of detail that’s gone into her hair.
The Kingdom Hearts II figurine is very impressive. The figurine comes with plenty of extras so you can change it as much as you want. He comes with two weapons and multiple masks, with different hands to hold each weapon. The photography of this figurine is astounding and some of the best I’ve seen so check out the website for the images alone.
There were quite a few Hatsune Miku halloween figurines out there. From 6″ figurines to cute little Nendoroids but this was definitely my favourite! I love how her hair changes colour at the tips and I love the cute little candy treats circling her on the bottom. It’s such an awkward pose though. I thought she was flying a broom at first. This is such a vibrant and fun looking figurine.
I hope that one day I’ll have enough money that I’ll be able to purchase both Freddy vs Jason figurines. I wonder if there is any other that similar to them?

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