10 Reasons why Wales is the Best Place for a Holiday

Come and Visit Wales

I was approached recently about creating a post explaining why Wales is one of the best places to visit for a holiday and of course I jumped at the chance. Wales is my home, my haven, my sanctuary so of course I was going to more than happy to show off this great country to you all!!

To it’s scenic country views to it’s bustling metropolitan areas, Wales has something for everyone. History still stands tall here with Wales boasting a wide variety of historical attractions. Us Celts once ruled this country before the Roman Invasion and our ancestors definitely left their mark.

You will catch your breath and gaze outstandingly at our breathtaking scenery. While Breacon Beacons hides the most beautiful waterfalls while Sowndonia has one of the most stunning views in all of Wales. Lonely Planet named Offa Dyke’s Walks as one of the worlds greatest walks!

Us Welsh are one of the most patriotic nation in the world. Don’t believe me? Find a clip of welsh rugby game and listen to those fans sing the welsh national anthem. The hair on your neck will stand up. It always leaves a lump in my throat. We’re a passionate and proud nation and you will see that once you come and visit.

Wales still holds many events dating back centuries, one of which is the Eisteddfod, which I’ve competed in many times when I was in Primary School. Eisteddfod is a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance and the competition is tough. The most prestigious prize is the Chairing of the Bard. The custom of chairing the bard is, however, much older than the modern eisteddfod ceremony, and is known to have taken place as early as 1176. A new bardic chair is specially designed and made for each Eisteddfod and is awarded to the winning entrant in the competition for the ‘awdl’, poetry written in a strict metre form known as cynghanedd. The National Eisteddfod ceremony is presided over by the Archdruid, who reads the judges’ comments before announcing the identity of the bard, using only the nom de plume that the winner has used to submit the work. Up to this point, no one knows the true identity of the bard, who is asked to stand and is then escorted to the stage. Local children perform a dance to honour the new bard.

You will not be disappointed when you visit the land of our father. Wales is the most beautiful places on mother natures soil. Ask any welsh person and they’ll tell you the same.

Oh we also have sheep. Lots and lots of sheep.



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