The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

You cannot have a Halloween party without having a killer playlist. There are many Halloween themed songs out there for everyone’s tastes. It’s nice to have an array of different genres and luckily for you I have found some awesome spooky music that’ll make your party the place to be this Halloween. From country to metal, I have you covered!

Monster Mash – Boris ‘Bobby’ Pickett
Did you know there are over 50 covers of this one song!! All ranging from pop to garage?! I couldn’t believe it either!! However I find that the original is always better!! You can’t have a Halloween Playlist without including the star song, the song you will only hear during the Halloween season!! However if you’re feeling adventurous and want to hear different versions of this song then here are my personal favourite covers;

Hayseed Dixie – Country (yeah, with some extreme banjo)
Misfits – Punk (the complete opposite to the above version)
Matt Reilly – Garage (quite possibly my favourite cover)
Girl Authority – Rock (you can find this smash and it’s an all-female vocal and completely                                         badass)

She Put a Hex on YouThem
The song is all about how you’ll fall under a girl’s spell. The guitar is fantastic through out. It does have that cringe 80s vibe but the vocals are on point!! Probably a good off-beat song for a more adult party!

Season of the Witch – Donovan
A nice, smooth bass line and some classy guitar plucking. A very chilled song for any Halloween party. Fun fact: this is the same guy who sang ‘mellow yellow’. Yeah Really. It’s aged quite nicely too – like mulled wine. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of covers of this song out there!! If you know any leave a link of a comment below!

Thriller – Michael Jackson
You cannot have a Halloween playlist without including one of the most popular Halloween themed songs around; Thriller by Michael Jackson. Now I am no fan of Michael jackson personally but when this song comes on I cannot help but doing the dance!! You just can’t help yourself!!

Every Day is Halloween – Ministry Cover
You’re more than welcome to listen to the original by The Postmarks however I felt like creating the devil symbol with my hand and head banging to this belter of a cover. Maybe not your go-to song on this list but definitely worth a listen when you’re all on your own and there is no one to judge you!

Superstition – Stevie Wonder
I lost it when they played this song in Lost Village and I absolutely love Stevie Wonder. You cannot have a Halloween party without playing this at some point during the night. Nothing like a bit of funk to get you into that Halloween spirit.

Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie
Bride of Chucky is one of my all time favourite films and I absolutely adore this song. I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Jennifer Tilly walking away from the police car. What an iconic scene (I’m obviously joking).

The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
You need a dance number in Halloween playlist. The Time Warp is probably the perfect dance number for your Halloween party! Everyone knows the moves, there is no need to worry about looking like an absolute dick since everyone is doing the exact same moves.

I Put A Spell on You – ‘Screamin Jay Hawkins 
Last but not least, the creme-de-la-creme of Halloween songs. I Put a Spell on You by ‘Screamin Jay Hawkins. If you’re having a girls only party blast out the Hocus Pocus cover!! This is one belter of a tune a must-play at your Halloween party!!

What is your Halloween Playlist? Comment below!!



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