Dragon Ball Z Wishlist

Dragon Ball Z Wishlist


Dragon Ball Z Fan??
£48 – rageon.com

Dragon Ball Z
£48 – rageon.com

dragon balls
£27 – rageon.com

Dragon Ball Fans
£26 – rageon.com

Dragón Ball Z
£18 – rageon.com

Drag on ball z
£11 – rageon.com

I want to take the blog back to when I focused on fashion. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone who can help me take images of new outfits since most of my friends have excellent jobs, or have other halves as well as other friends. However I will try and occasionally take some new images of outfits I feel suit my new blog aesthetic.
Another thing that’s becoming slightly unfortunate is the fact that I’m incredibly incredibly poor! I cannot afford to buy food at the moment let alone new clothing, so wishlisting it’ll have to be for a while. Starting your own business is a pricey mistress, and when your pay is soo soo poor you have to sacrifice something in order to make your dreams come true. A starving artist I’m going to have to be for a while.
As you can see form my wishlist we have gone for a Dragon Ball Z theme this time round. I love each and every one of these pieces but especially the Dragon Ball crop top vest!! I would love to get that and wear it to a rave!! Also the Goku gym top would be perfect for the gym.
I love the all-over-print designs that Rage On stock. I’m quite tempted to start selling on there myself. I would love to create gym clothing of some of my floral designs. Something to look into. Which designs are your favourite? Comment below!!

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