The ‘Private’ Playlist 

Today I’m bringing you an article that is…well…a bit different shall we say. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of music and my music tastes have now varied from Korean Pop to Arabic Trap and with each new genre I end up finding a new song that….you know… takes me beyond the point of just enjoying the song for what it is.

Everyone has a sex playlist. You can act all prudish and taken aback but be honest you have that one song or a collective of songs that makes you feel aroused. Some songs can make you feel sexy and gets your body moving. While others make you want to jump your other half! Here are some of the songs I listen to in my ‘private’ playlist!

Treasure – IONE (Feat Asher)
A proper summer belter that’ll make you want to sway alone, or dance with your partner like no ones watching! I highly recommend this song!!

Feeling Good – Muse
The song itself, when sung by anyone, is sexy. It’s a smooth song that’s perfect for foreplay. The Muse version is slightly more hardcore than other versions but it can work in your favour. Build up the tension until it hits the final verse and just go full pelt into whatever it is your doing!

Dirty Bass – Far East Movement, Tyga
When the beat drops you’ll end up slut dropping. You will, I guarantee it!! This song will have you and girls/boys feeling like you’re the only ones on the dance floor. A sex song? Not so much but definitely a song that it’ll make you perform ‘The Turn’.

No Option – Post Malone
This song, in my opinion is the song you play before the foreplay, it’s the let’s get in the mood song. Slow kissing which breaks into heavy kissing in the chorus and back to slow. Some of you might be able to work this song into your foreplay but personally I can’t picture it for me

Thuggin 4 My Baby – Yultron, Jay Park
This is the first in a series of private songs that feature Korean superstar Jay Park. The boy brings out the smoothest music ever, even when he’s just a feature on the song. To me this is a sex song – a song that’ll get you in the mood for passionate, heavy-breathing, rolling around on the bed sex. Someone try and test it for me please!

Thinking about You (Feat. Jay Park) – Loco
Jay Park’s voice can make anyone swoon and he’s at his smoothest in this banger by Loco. Another song which will have you hitting the dance floor and busting some sultry moves!

Time of the Season – Big Blue Missile, Scott Weiland
‘What’s your name? Whose you’re Daddy?’ UNF!! You’ll be eye-locked with some muscle clad daddy-esque boy in no time once this song starts playing!!

Get Ready (French Style) – Jack and Basil
Okay this isn’t a song you would have sex to, or begin foreplay with, or do a striptease to but it’s made it onto the list for it’s lyrics alone! The first part of the chorus goes ‘I’m gonna put some dick in you tonight, you better be ready’. I can imagine someone out there making it work.

Mommae (feat. Ugly Duckling) – Jay Park
The last Jay Park song on the list and it’s perfect! Nothing like some smooth Korean trap music to get you straddling and grinding your partner. Also the music video is for the boys! Enjoy!

Ko Ko Bop – EXO
I love this song!! It has a nice beat and you it’s one of those songs you can properly grind to. The chorus can put you off a tiny bit but you can work through it.  It has a nice slow pace for when you want to take your time with your partner.

A Remix – Got7
The original version is awesome but the remix is fast paced and always has me dancing! This song encouraged me to take up pole dancing again as I could imagine myself spinning around the pole to it!!

The 7th Sense – NCT U
Another slow grinding song and also the video is amazing!! You should definitely give this song a listen!!

Toes – Glass Animals
Last but not least – Toes by Glass Animals. The speed is again suited for those slow grinding moments and his voice is just perfect!!

And that’s my ‘private’ playlist. I hope you enjoyed listening to music you’ve probably never heard before and if you have any ‘specials’ songs please tell me about them!! I always like adding to the playlist.