Badass Babes of Hollywood


The rise of badass women in Hollywood is slowly on the up. Whether it’s unfair pay or confronting interviewers with their downright misogynistic questions the females of the acting world  are making their voices heard and are kicking ass in doing so. However some of them are bringing that badass attitude to work with a few deciding to do their own stunts and given the middle finger to the crazy Hollywood movie standards and bulking like beasts!

With the internet freaking out at the news of Charlize Theron doing her own stunts in her recent film Atomic Blonde I decided to do a little research to find other badass actresses who took their stunt matters into their own hands!!

Kristen Stewart
Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman
Kristen revealed in an interview with Hollywood Life that Rupert Sanders encouraged her to do her own stunts! She stated “He definitely threw me off cliffs and made me trudge through frigid, icy waters. It looks so cool, though. I can actually see the pain and discomfort on my face. It’s awesome.” Unfortunately there was more focus on Kristen’s personal relations with Sanders than on the actual film.

Cameron Diaz
Movie: Knight & Day
Cameron Diaz decided to follow suit as her fellow actor Tom Cruise and performed all her own stunts in Knight & Day. It’s a well known fact that Cruise does all his own stunts in his films so it’s nice his fellow co-star followed suit!

Margot Robbie
Movie: Suicide Sqaud
When I found out that Margot Robbie did all her own stunts in Suicide Squad it made me fall in love with Harley Quinn even more!! Not many actresses will go as far as to do a 360′ degree run in high heels. It showed me her dedication for her role and that seriously impressed me!

Zoe Bell
Movie: Death Proof
It was only natural for Zoe Bell to perform her own stunts for Death Bell since Zoe is a stuntwoman by trade. Her most famous stunt work includes Kill Bill where she was Uma Thurman’s double and Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. Who could ever forget that car chase!!

Angelina Jolie 
Movie: Salt
Angelina Jolie is a badass all round so of course she’s one of those actresses who does her own stunts!! Remember that freeway chase where she’s literally jumping from vehicle to vehicle? Doesn’t it now seem more of an impressive scene that she opted out of having a stunt double and did it all herself?!

Gina Carano
Movie: Haywire
Gina Carano is not an actress by trade but was picked for the role in Haywire due to her MMA fighter training!! The scene where she squeezes the soul out of a man with her thighs is something all girls need to see!!

Jennifer Lawrence
Movie: Hunger Games
Not only did Jennifer Lawrence learnt how to use a bow and arrow like an absolute pro she also ‘jumped through trees and ran round fires!! However for the extreme stunts she did use a double but sometimes some things should be left to the pros.

Scarlett Johansson
Movie: Captain America Winters Coming
Please don’t think I’m stupid, though. I know my limitations. When Natasha, my character, has to bound 20 feet in the air and do four cartwheels, it’s my stunt double Heidi Moneymaker who’s doing that. But that woman hanging 60 feet in the air, taking punches and throwing punches? Well, that’s me.” Scarlett Johansson interview with the Daily Mail.

Naomie Harris 
Movie: (Skyfall)
Harris had three months of extensive training in shooting, combat fighting and stunt driving to prepare for her role as a Bond Girl. Her stunt coordinator, Gavin Powell was very impressed with her worth. Nothing beats a badass Bond Girl!!

Chloe Grace Moretz
Movie: Kick-ass
Chloe was doing her own stunts at the tender age of 11 years ago!! What a little badass!! According to Huffington Post she trained with Jackie Chan’s stunt team and did everything except the wall climbing.

Special Mentions!!

Evangeline Lilly
Movie: Ant Man 2
Girl is looking beast!!! Look at those arms. Evangeline has trained hard for her role as The Wasp in the upcoming Ant Man film and I feel since she’s looking that strong and henched she is more than likely going to attempt a few stunts herself!!



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