We Need to Talk about that Rick and Morty Episode


We all know Rick and Morty is an amazing, intelligent emotional roller coaster of a show!! We’ve seen plot twists we never saw coming, insane storylines (‘I turned myself into a Pickle Morty, I’M PICKLE RIIIIIIIICK’ being one of them) and beyond imaginative concepts (the toxins episode was incredible). However the recent episode stunned me to silence and blew me away!!

In this weeks episode we saw the show returning to Citadel which is trying to rebuild itself. Even though the Rick and Morty we’re following are having the best time with mermaids we get a glimpse of what life is like for other Rick and Morty’s in other realities and galaxies and boy, it’s not nice. We are introduced to an array of different Rick’s and Morty’s including Simple Rick who loved his daughter and found completion in her however his happy memories were being used to make Simple Rick’s Candy (I was shocked by this plot twist), we saw Policeman Rick and Morty which had this awesome buddy cop feel and if you dig a little deeper they were also addressing the issue of police brutality.


Another amazing concept of whole episode which I didn’t even realise until I watched it again is that Portal Guns are illegal in Citadel!!! Why? I cannot wait to find out.

Biggest plot twist: Evil Morty is back!!!!! And he’s taken over the Citadel of Rick’s!!! I’ve been souring the internet for fan theories on this episode and some of them gave me Goosebumps. My favourite one being that Evil Morty is our Rick’s Morty, since Rick returned to the family in series 1.


Even though the episode isn’t as funny as previous episodes the storyline was solid!! It kept me hook from start to finish! I’ve never watched a cartoon show and been left speechless at the end. Thus far this has been the best episode of the entire series. Even though I saw the plot twist coming a mile off I still watched with my mouth aghast! It still worked as a cool and dramatic reveal!!

The episode was powerful and unexpected and I cannot wait to see how it pays off later in the series of how it pays off in the next (we still have Bird Person to deal with and that’s going to be horrible). Another amazing part of the whole episode? Evil Morty’s theme song, which you can hear for own pleasure here;


Do you have any fan theories on what’s going to happen next? Leave in the comments below!!


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