Visual Diary: Katrin’s 27’th

It’s September time and turns out this month is a big birthday month for me!! I have Sam and Allan’s to celebrate as well as Leah’s but of course the first person to have their birthday this month is my roomie, my friend, my pumpkin Katrin.

Katrin celebrated her 27th birthday this week and she didn’t fancy doing anything big so we thought it would be a good idea if we both dressed up in our fancy outfits and head to Giardini Di Sorrento for a nice Italian and then head over to The Cloud for shisha and then head home to watch Rick and Morty and the first episode of American Horror Story Season 7.

Katrin looked stunning in her gorgeous in her dress while I looked like a handsome stud in my tux!! We both made a gorgeous looking couple I must admit!! We walked in the pouring rain all the way to Giardini which is a 10-12 minute walk from our house. We arrived and sat us next to the window.

It was so romantic.

For starers we had bread and olives and then for our mains Katrin had the Gnoochi verdi la Salmone which is homemade spinach gnoochi with shallots, olive oil and salmon I opted for the bolognese. I haven’t eaten pasta in 4 years so I was a bit apprehensive about having a pasta dish since we haven’t had in soo long and I cut it out completely for a reason (we used to eat tonnes of pasta during our faturdays) but because it’s Katrin birthday I made an exception. It was beautiful. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head it tasted soo good.

Afterwards we both ordered the cheesecake which was the only reason we chose this restaurant in the first place. Before we both devoured our cheesecake we decided to have a sambucca shot which was a drink suggestion on the dessert menu. I thought it was a good idea. It was not.

Once we were full we headed straight to the Th Cloud which was amazing!! It’s a shisha club with a in house DJ!! We taken to the sand dune area where we sat on a carpet surrounded by sand. Not what I pictured it to be at all.  It’s the first time Katrin has ever been to a shisha club so I ordered a light, gentle flavour that wasn’t too strong; Pink Lemonde.

We’re definitely going to head back there soon but next time, be a slightly more underdressed.

Hope you had an amazing birthday Kat!




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