We’re Back!!!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted much these past two weeks. Reason being is that we needed a break from blogging. We needed a break from everything.

We’ve come to the realisation that the year 2017 has been, thus far, amazing yet a confusing year for us. There is so much we want to achieve (and have achieved) and so many creative venues we want to explore and yet we have no idea where we’re heading or how to reach our potential or goals. With this and the thought of being a massive failure looming over my head (I am my worst critic) I had to take some time to myself. To think. To work things out.

And guess what?! We’ve worked it out!! We know what we want to do. Now it’s about reaching those goals and achieving them!! I will be starting to post less on my blog as time goes on but my posts will still be Geek related and the blog will still have that Visual Diary section because that’s what we want this blog to be; a diary of everything I do and share them with you all. We will be putting more focus into Rogues Portal too. I am in love with the team and I’ve never met such a group of supportive people before so I really need to make more of an effort with that website, and for Stephanie.

We have many exciting things coming up so please watch this space and I hope you will all stay with me through my ventures. Thank you for following me and I hope you will carry on enjoying my blog!