Visual Diary: Lost Village Festival

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. I decided I needed to take a big break from blogging. I’ve already written 176 articles this year and let’s be honest that a lot of articles!! We were feeling slightly burnt out so we thought a little break would do us good and it definitely did the trick!! We’re feeling pumped up and ready to blog again!!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I attended my first ever festival!! I was slightly nervous as I’ve never put a tent up before and if I’m honest, I’m a bit of a princess. We like our hotels and we enjoy the comfort of a good king size bed, but once I had my tent up I felt much more at ease.

The festival I attended was the Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire and hands down it was the most amazing weekend of my life!!! It was more than a festival, it was an experience!! Hidden amongst the leafy passages you would encounter unusual and wonderful places.

The main stage itself was out in the open however once you started exploring the forest itself you would find the world’s finest music resonating in areas such as the Forgotten Cabin, the Abandoned Chapel and the Burial Ground where the creme-de-la-creme of house and techno DJ’S blasted their tunes!! The Junkyard also had it’s own venue where the DJ king of Funk Craig Charles played an amazing set which included hit songs such as ‘Superfreak’ and ‘All night Long’.

Lost Village was not just a Music Festival, there are many other things to experience from Global street food (I binged only Chilli Beef fries throughout out the entire weekend and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt!). You could also see some comedy legends such as Russell Kane and Sean Penn perform in the Lost Theatre as well as wood-fired hot tubs which overlooked the Lake of Tranquility which was bloody lush!! It was nice to have a shower and feel clean. The hot tub area also provided hair dryer and straighteners so getting ready for the big night Saturday Night was really enjoyable!!

There was so much to see and do!!! One minute you’re dancing to disco and techno under the canopy leaves and within the heart of the forest. The next minute your phone is being nicked by one of the village natives (actors) and it bloody amazing!!

I didn’t want to leave and from the reaction I’ve seen on their Facebook page, neither did anyone else!! I’m already excited about going back. Waiting a whole year is going to be tough but I believe I can manage. Four of us attended this year but next year there is going to be an even bigger group and I cannot wait!!!

I repeat: One of the best weekends of my life!! Until next year here are some little snaps of our shenanigans!!!

Please excuse the video quality. Standing still proved to be very difficult!


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