Events: Bitch Please + Punk Gig

These past couple of weeks I’ve partied. Hard. I’ve been more outgoing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself!! The past events I’ve attended include Bitch Please! which was a polysexual rave held in Motion Bristol and it was amazing!! The Black Madonna was DJing but we left before her set. The rave was both outdoors and indoors and a whole list of Dj’s as well as dancers who kept the crowd entertained.

​​​​​I have a few more raves coming up as well as the Lost Village Festival which I cannot wait to attend. It’ll be my first festival so it’s going to be an amazing experience. I will also be attending Shangri-la presesnts: Season 7 part 1 which will be held in The Vaults, Cardiff.

I also attended a Punk gig at the Castle Emporium, Cardiff. I went to support my housemates boyfriend Scott’s band who were opening the gig. Katrin told me that a punk band from Tokyo were performing and I was very excited! I’m sooooooooo glad I attended!! A Page of Punk were insane and I can honestly say it was the best gig I’ve ever ever been to and going to attend!! They were absolutely crazy!! It was such an experience!! Everyone was in complete awe of this band and after their set everyone was hyped, excited. They couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed.

​It made me miss Tokyo like crazy!! It’s encouraged me to work a lot harder so I can save money to return!! I hope you enjoy my videos. I didn’t take many images of both events and I do wish I had taken my camera at the gig but at least I did get something.

​I can’t wait for my next events and sharing them with you all!!


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