19 Days Day 208 Recap

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After leaving us with a massive cliff hanger in the last chapter, Old Xian has finally brought out the next chapter and of course us fans are on tenterhooks to find out what he’s going to say!! Will he finally admit he likes Zhang? Will he just tell him he likes him as a friend? Will I finally get that She Li chapter that I’ve been talking about in the last 5 articles?! Well, let’s find out…

Zhan asks him again whether Jian Yi likes him or not and whether it’s ‘that’ sort of like. Of course Jian Yi wasn’t expecting such a direct question and is on the slight defensive. He looks scared, terrified and heads straight to the toilet. He’s blushing soo much and his heart is pounding like crazy! At this point Zhan is still sitting on the bed, waiting. Jian Yi finally appears from the toilet, and he’s ready to deliver his answer…

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OH MY GOD IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!! I’m so proud of our boy!! Finally plucked up enough courage to admit to Zhan Zhenxgi, at last!!! However, I am predicting that this will certainly not end well. Even though most of the fandom believes that this is it… I’m skeptical. I can’t see Zhang returning his feelings yet. There is too much plot that Old xian needs to touch upon before either of these two can get together. There is clearly some feelings towards Jian Yi by She LIi and I feel Old Xian will touch upon that soon. I also believe that Zhang’s rejection (if it happens) will effect Jian Yi immensely and the Jian Yi we met in chapter 198 will make a reappearance. I believe, that if Jian Yi is rejected it’ll toughen him up and I feel he might sway towards his dad and his lifestyle, but these are all guesses. We’re going to have to wait and see and I honestly cannot wait!!!

You can read 19 Days here

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