In a Heartbeat: Short Film Review


Name: In a Heartbeat
Release Date: July 2017

Stated on their Kickstarter: ‘We’re a team of two senior Computer Animation majors at Ringling College of Art + Design, and we’re mid-production on our thesis film, “In a Heartbeat!” This film is not only a culmination of our four years of education and hard work at the college, but also an expression of a subject that has not been explored in computer animation. It’s a film that deals with a real and personal topic in a very sweet and lighthearted way and we are so excited to be able to share it with you!’

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

I’ve been waiting a while for this animated short and I wasn’t disappointed but I was still quite surprised by how short the film turned out to be. If I’m honest I was expecting more than 5 minutes of content HOWEVER I would like to state that this isn’t a criticism or that I was disappointed by the films lengths. I also was, for some reason expecting some dialogue too, however the film needs no script as it’s perfect as it is!

Th whole film is played to the most beautiful music which sets the tone throughout the whole film. I found myself swaying to the music at some point. It will also create the mood perfectly for each and the music will also evoke as much emotion from you as it can (I dare you not to cry when the heart is broken in two, I dare you!!)


I cried. I cried even more the second time around. Some were tears of sadness which ended up turning into sobs of absolute joy!! The film will tug at your heart strings. It will turn even the most bitter of us into balling sobs of mess. I believe the reason you feel so much empathy for our little protagonist is that, well, we’ve all been there. We’ve all, at some point in our lives had our heart broken and it sucks and you do not want it to happen to anyone, even to a fictional character in an animated short.

You can see why the film has received so many accolades!!! It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s sad, it’s heartwarming and you feel and witness all of this in under 5 minutes!! But this film just stands out from the crowd. It shows us what love is in it’s entirety, in other words; no frills no bullshit. It shows you can’t help who you like, it shows us that you will get your heartbroken and it shows you that your broken heart will be mended. Such a sweet message to convey!!

Overall Rating: Watch it!! And then watch it again, and again and again!! It’s a bloody good short with the sweetest story ever and it deserves all the praise it’s receiving!!

You can watch the film here


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