Tamen De Gushi Chap 138 Recap

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Another week, another recap!! This is time on my two favourite girls of manhua, Sun Jing and Qiu Tong, and their budding love story in Tamen De Gushi. To fill you in on what’s happened recently, both the Second High basketball team and the South High basketball team have ended up eating in the same restaurant and so far everything is running smoothly. You might seem to have noticed that I may have skipped recapping chapter 137, this is due to it being an extra side story of what happens once they get together which is a cute little side plot that you can read for yourself!! Now what has happened since? Let’s find out…

All of them have just received their food and eating it heartily. whilst the parties are mixing and chatting the South High bully is struggling with his meal. Turns out he doesn’t like spicy food. Sun Jing’s gives him some milk(?) and tells him to drink it. Still bitter about losing the basketball game she says that if they were to have a competition eating spicy food she would win and of course this doesn’t go down well at all..

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Okay, as hard as it is for me to say…I’m bored now. This has been going on long enough and now we have another competition on our hands?! Of course the chapter had some really cute aspects to it (Upperclassman eating his food is all of us) but now I fancy something new.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m craving some angst. I want some romance, tension. I want some strong emotion. It’s been pleasant having so much fluff but it’s too much for me now. I need a chapter that’ll put me on edge of my seat, wanting more.

Hopefully in the next chapter something exciting will happen, such as Sun Jing’s tummy exploding or something. I know that sounds like a horrible plot twist but do you remember when she got a bad stomach the last time she ate spicy food? Well i feel the same thing is going to happen again, just much worse. she might have to run off to the hospital and Qui Tong will go with her and she has to hold her hand in the waiting and she’s all concerned about Jing’s health (not that I’ve thought this out or anything).

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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