Nendoroid Finds 1

Nendoroid Wishlist 1


Nendoroids are probably the cutest form of figure collecting out there!! Look at those massive beady eyes!! How can someone think they’re not cute?! I already have one Hatsu Miku nendoroid and she’s so precious, all baby pink and cute lookin.
I’ve been meaning to add more to my collection but finding the right one has proven to be very difficult since there are so so many to collect. As you can see, this is part one of many articles showing you all the Nendoroids out there!!
There was a regular Kirby Nendoroid but I much prefer the colouring on this one as well as it has a bit more detail and a lot more going on than the regular normal looking Kirby Nendoroid.
Suicide Squad the film was a total joke but Harley Quinn just stole the entire show and of course she’s been given the Nnedoroid treatment and look how cute she is!! If you think you’ve seen her before you have as I’ve added her to a previous wishlist.
I couldn’t put a Harley Quinn Nendoroid without adding that tool known as the Joker. I think we can all agree that’s one creepy looking Nendoroid, it’s eyes are literally popping out of it’s skull!! I don’t think I will be adding this to my collection.
I’ll be honest I have no idea who Mami Tomoe but the Nendoroid is incredibly pretty and detailed; from the ringlets down to the cherry blossoms on her kimono. Perfect for those who love cute pastel products.
I haven’t watched Love live but I know of it and I know of the characters and I fell in love with this Matsuura Nendoroid. The colours look nice and the turquoise just pops out at you. I love her little hand gesture and the sway of her hair.

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